Digital Age Parenting

Common Sense Media logo. Great for families.We have to be parents in this digital world that our parents didn't have to be. How do we balance the freedom for our children to explore and learn with the internet and social media and our responsibility to keep them safe?

Hanover County Public Schools supports the use of Common Sense Media as a resource for our parents in finding relevant information on current digital age parenting content such as cyberbullying, cell phone parenting, and privacy and internet safety

In Hanover County Public Schools, we support respectful and responsible use of technology by teaching the following curriculum:

Elementary School Grades 3-5: Digital Citizenship – Internet safety, digital communication, and digital literacy. Middle School Grades 6-8: Virtual Citizenship – Digital drama, privacy, and cyberbullying. High School Grades 9-10: Online Learning – Social media, digital footprint, and online reputation.
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