Rules and Student Management

Student Discipline

Bus with stop sign outEvery school bus driver and school administrator prioritizes the safety and well-being of students during transportation. The majority of students are aware of and adhere to the school and Transportation rules and regulations, displaying appropriate conduct while on the bus. In order to ensure the well-behaved majority can ride safely and comfortably, the procedures and policies detailed on the following pages have been established.

- Drivers have the authority to direct the student in any reasonable manner to maintain order and safety.
- The driver will attempt to correct the misbehavior of the passengers, if the problem is still unresolved, a Student Conduct Bus Referral is completed and the school will be notified.
- If determined necessary by the principal or principal’s designee, a conference involving the principal or staff, the student, the driver and the parents will be held.
- The principal may suspend the student’s riding privileges or other listed behavior modifiers in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.
- We ask that parents and guardians encourage their children to observe all established guidelines.
- Parents and guardians should ensure that students are aware of and follow the division’s code of student conduct while students are at school bus stops and to provide the necessary supervision during times when the bus is not present.

The school bus is an extension of the classroom. School administration will administer discipline with the assistance from the Transportation Department. School Board policies that apply to student conduct and other student-related activities apply also to the school bus.

School Bus Rules

- Show respect for fellow students and the driver.
- Be seated immediately and remain facing forward. Remain seated until the bus arrives at your stop and you receive instructions to unload.
- Hold books and all personal items in your lap. Do not block the aisle.
- Pets and animals of any kind are not permitted on the bus.
- Extending arms, legs, or head out of the bus is prohibited.
- Throwing objects on the bus or out of the window is prohibited.
- Refrain from distracting or talking to the bus driver except in an emergency.
- Tampering with or damaging bus equipment is prohibited. Student and/or parent/guardian will be held liable. (Vandalism Repairs-$35.00 for graffiti removal, $65.00 for cover replacement)
- Fighting, pushing, shoving or creating loud disturbances is prohibited.
- Speak in a normal tone of voice, or an "inside voice"
- Smoking, vaping, eating, and drinking are not permitted.
- Remove any trash from the bus, the bus is inspected by the driver.
- Use of profanity or obscene gestures is prohibited.
- Bringing weapons or dangerous instruments of any kind is prohibited.
- Using electronic devices in a manner that is disruptive or offensive is prohibited.
- Meet all expectations stated in the Code of Student Conduct

Prohibited Items

Students are not permitted to bring items on board a school bus, which could be disruptive or present a safety hazard. The following items shall not be brought on a school bus:

- Glass containers and other items made of glass that could break if dropped
- Weapons or any dangerous object (includes firecrackers)
- Sharp objects or cutting instruments of any kind
- Toy or imitation weapons(including Squirt Guns)
- Alcohol beverages of any kind.
- Cigarettes, vape devices, and tobacco products.
- Illegal/illicit drugs of any type.
- Live animals, which include but are not limited to: birds, cats, dogs, frogs, insects, hamsters/guinea pigs, rabbits, etc.
- Food & Drinks
- Plants
- Sports Equipment
- Skate Boards
- Roller Blades and/or 'Wheelie' Shoes
- Balloons
- Bulky items such as large bags, large school projects, large instruments, etc..

Instruments and Athletic Equipment

Student passengers are permitted to carry on small musical instruments and athletic equipment that can be held on the student’s lap without blocking the aisle or placed between the student’s legs in a seat. The department can prohibit those items if those objects restrict the student's ability to board the bus without harming themselves and others or damaging the bus. The department may also restrict those carry-ons if discipline issues arise from the carrying of those items.

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