Empowered Learner

An empowered learner will be able to achieve the following:

  • Identify and solve problems.
  • Reflect on learning and the learning process.
  • Seek out and acquire knowledge.
  • Think creatively and critically.
  • Align knowledge, skills, and personal interests and values with career pathway.

Empowered Learner “I Can” Statements

Student and teacher reading a book together


  • I can find and solve problems.
  • I can think about what I have learned and show it in different ways.
  • I can ask questions and find answers.
  • I can brainstorm for more than one solution.
  • I can learn about different careers and connect them to what I like and what I’m learning.
  • I can pick a strategy/tool to help me learn.


  • I can use new knowledge to help make decisions or solve problems. 
  • I can identify my learning style and preferences for learning.
  • I can think about what I’ve learned and identify my successes and failures (unsuccessful attempts). 
  • I can identify when I need help and ask questions to improve my understanding.
  • I can demonstrate my understanding creatively to others in multiple ways.
  • I can identify my strengths and weaknesses and set academic and career goals based upon them. 
  • I can use a variety of resources to further my understanding of a topic.
  • I can be an active participant in decisions about my future.
Student playing an instrument


  • I can solve a problem by gathering and applying information.
  • I can self-reflect and ask for help when needed. 
  • I can ask relevant questions and evaluate the solutions.
  • I can think critically and creatively to apply information learned in class.
  • I can create connections between course curriculum and future goals or career pathways. 
  • I can select the appropriate strategy/resources to accomplish a specific task.
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