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Hanover County Public Schools mathematics teachers strive to provide a quality mathematics education that empowers all students. We aim to:

  • Provide the highest quality mathematics education for each student while meeting and exceeding state and national standards; 
  • Encourage all students to study mathematics throughout their school years; 
  • Encourage all students to use and communicate mathematics confidently and effectively; and
  • Prepare all students for a technologically changing world.

Instructional Approach

The Hanover County Mathematics Program is built on the belief that all students can learn mathematics.  Students are empowered to do mathematics in a supportive environment where they are encouraged to explore, create, construct, prove, and share ideas. Multiple and varied experiences and applications allow students to understand mathematical concepts and to make connections between mathematics and their world. Instruction must include opportunities for students to communicate their personal understanding orally, in writing, and through representation. All students can develop an appreciation and understanding for the beauty of mathematics when these critical elements are present.

Guiding Standards

Approved Instructional Resources

Instructional resources, including textbooks, technology, and division-created materials, are selected to be in full alignment with our curricular standards.

Master Textbook Listing

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Ian Shenk, Mathematics Specialist
Amy Jones, Mathematics Coordinator

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