Globally-Engaged Communicator

A globally-engaged communicator will be able to achieve the following:

  • Collaborate, cooperate, and communicate productively with others.
  • Understand and respect cultural diversity.

Globally-Engaged Communicator “I Can” Statements

Three students reading a book together


  • I can work well with others (partners or in a group).
  • I can listen to others’ ideas.
  • I can learn about cultures that are different from my own.
  • I can show respect for cultures that are different from my own.
  • I understand and appreciate a diversity of ideas.


  • I can find meaningful ways to work with others. 
  • I can share my own ideas and listen to others respectfully.
  • I can use appropriate spoken and written language for the situation I am in.
  • I can show respect to others and am aware of differences in others.
  • I can learn about different cultures within my own community and in other communities.
  • I can grow in my understanding of differences among individuals and cultures.


  • I can listen, communicate, and collaborate with others.
  • I can extend my learning beyond the classroom.
  • I can work successfully with people who have different opinions or perspectives.
  • I can recognize and embrace differences in others.
  • I can find commonality with others despite our differences.
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