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Amy Faires G/T Resource

At the middle school level, students are identified in the following areas of giftedness:  General Intellectual, Mathematical Logical, Verbal Linguistic, and Visual and Performing Arts. We offer the following opportunities in the middle gifted program:

* Course acceleration in math and foreign language
* cluster grouping for identified students at each grade level
* collaboration opportunities, which stem from planning between the classroom and resource teacher
* a Differentiated Education Plan (DEP) to meet the studentsí academic needs
* G/T Elective Course

In the classroom, identified students receive instruction at a pace and level of complexity appropriate to their needs as documented in the Differentiated Education Plan (DEP). Both direct and indirect student services are provided.  Accelerative and enrichment options are available, including grade level or content acceleration if appropriate.  G/T teachers plan collaboratively with classroom teachers to differentiate curricula through content, process, product, learning environment, and evaluation.   Guidance services are also available to address the special needs of the gifted.