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 School Registration Information

Parents and guardians of students new to Hanover County must register their eligible children by contacting the principal of the school their child will attend.  Parents are requested to bring the required documents when registering their child.  Please click on the link provided below to assist in finding the schools in your attendance zone.

To register an eligible child, the parent or guardian should bring the following documents to the school the child will attend:
1. an official certified copy of child's birth certificate;
2. the child's social security number;

3. proof of residence with two or more of the following documents which reflect the physical address of the resident.
      (a)   a U.S. or Virginia income tax return from the previous year
      (b)   a U.S. Internal Revenue Service tax reporting W-2 form from the current year
      (c)   a deed or lease agreement to the residence
      (d)   a voter registration card
      (e)   a receipt for personal property taxes paid within the last year.
  (f)   a payroll check or payroll check stub issued by an employer within the last three months
      (g)   a telephone bill issued within the last three months
In addition, the child's physical examination report and certification of immunizations will be required prior to school entrance.

     Student Entrance Health Form

Enrollment Forms
Please click on Student Enrollment Information Forms below to download and print copies which may be completed and brought with you to your school when you visit to enroll your child.

     Student Enrollment Form

School Supplies

Each grade level creates its own school supply list. Please check to see what materials your child will need for school and replenish those supplies throughout the year as they are used. If you are unable to purchase your child's school supplies due to financial hardship, you may contact the PTA's Helping Hands about support.



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