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 Special Services

Rural Point Elementary School

Gifted Education

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Special Education


The Special Education Program at Rural Point is designed to provide our students with the most naturalistic educational settings. The inclusive classroom is utilized to the fullest extent possible. An inclusive classroom consists of two teachers, the regular classroom teacher working in conjunction with a special education teacher to provide the best possible individual curriculum to each student.

Educational services for children eligible for special education is administered by each student’s Individual Education Plan. A committee of parents, teachers, and administrators develops the Individual Education Plan. The amount of special education service to be provided is determined by the IEP committee and removes the child from regular classes only when it is necessary to meet educational needs. Individual Education Plans are reviewed yearly. Eligibility for a special education program is determined every three years or as needed.

Parents who are concerned about their child’s school performance may contact the principal, assistant principal, and classroom teacher or special education teacher



The Speech Program’s main functions are to:

  • Provide early intervention for children ages 2-5 that are found eligible through Hanover County Special Education Eligibility team to receive speech/Language services.
  • Provide the necessary treatment to stimulate, remediate and/or correct delayed speech and language skills in all school age children found eligible to receive special education services (speech services).
  • Provide consultative services to the teachers and parents of the student’s receiving speech services to help the carry over of the learned skills.
  • Assess all new Hanover County Public School students in the areas of speech, language, and hearing.

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