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Rural Point Elementary School
Music Resource

Mr. Bakeman-General Music


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"Tell me: I forget.

Show me: I remember.

Involve me: I understand."


The Music Program Mission Statement:

"In cooperation with classroom instruction, the Rural Point Elementary School music program will provide a quality music education that focuses on experiential learning in whole class and small ensemble settings in a positive and nurturing environment.  The music program will provide each student with an understanding of the basics of music, and will empower students to use music as a means for improving the quality of their lives."

Music is taught to students in grades K-5, as well as to preschool students. From preschool through third grade, students focus on singing traditional folk songs from many cultures, especially American folk songs. First graders learn about music notation early in the year and by the third grade can read, write, and play rhythms fluently.

In addition to rhythms, students in the lower grades also focus on other musical concepts such as dynamics, tempo, instruments of the orchestra, and phrases. Students in grades four and five get a chance to apply what they have learned through playing recorder (fourth grade) and guitar (fifth grade). Students in the 5th grade also have the opportunity to sing in the Rural Point Chorus.

Students can also participate in the Drum Ensemble or the Orff Ensemble during their 5th grade year.  These two groups provide the opportunity for performance in the community and at school.



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