ARTICLE II:  hiring, appointment and transfer




Table of Contents



5-2.1       Posting of Vacancies and recruitment

5-2.2     Application for Positions

5-2.3     hiring:  health issues

5-2.4     criminal background checks and convictions

5-2.5     Hiring:  nepotism and conflict of interest prohibitions

5-2.6     appointment and reappointment

5-2.7     hiring:  temporary personnel, part-time and substitute professional staff

5-2.8     Assignment and transfer





            Recruitment and Selection - Generally


            The division superintendent or his designee shall advertise employment vacancies in appropriate media and shall post internal and external notices of new and vacant positions.  The division superintendent shall emphasize in these advertisements, notices, and other means deemed appropriate that the Hanover County School Board employs and welcomes all candidates on a fair and equal basis.


            Posting of Vacancies


            Generally:  Classified Licensed and Administrative Positions


            The division superintendent or his designee shall announce administrative/supervisory vacancies.  Announcements will normally be memoranda to principals who will post the announcements in a prominent, accessible place.  The memoranda will identify vacancies by title and location and will clarify eligibility requirements of the vacancies.  The memoranda will also indicate how and to whom candidates should apply.  Notices of vacancies may be forwarded to other school divisions, the Virginia Department of Education, colleges and universities.


            Licensed Personnel


            Whenever any position in the division requiring a license or certificate is open during the school year, in addition to the general recruitment efforts described above, the division superintendent or his designee shall inform all School Board employees of the opening by an announcement posted on staff bulletin boards.  All qualified applicants shall be entitled to apply before the position is filled.  During periods when school is not in session, the division superintendent or his designee shall make a reasonable attempt to inform those employees who previously have expressed in writing an interest in such a position.


            Non-Licensed Personnel


            Whenever a vacancy occurs for a non-licensed position in the school division, the division superintendent or his designee shall post notice of such vacancy at a central location within all schools, departments and/or locations in which employees are normally working.  Any employee wishing to apply for the vacant position must make the request in writing directly to the division superintendent or the assistant superintendent of human resources as provided in Policy 5-2.2.


LEGAL REFERENCE:       Code of Virginia (1950), as amended, §§ 22.1-70, 22.1-78; Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990; Equal Pay Act of 1963; Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII); Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967; Executive Order 11246; U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare/Office of Civil Rights, Final Title IX Regulation Implementing Education Amendments of 1972 Prohibiting Sex Discrimination in Education.


Recodified:  August 2000

Amended:  July 16, 2003







            Notice of an administrative, supervisory, or specialist position vacancy and the requirements for the position will be posted in each school building in a central location for a period of seven days before the selection process begins.  The vacancy will be filled according to the following procedures:


1.       A program representative, in conjunction with a representative from the office of human resources, will establish selection criteria related to the particular position prior to the screening process.

2.       The office of human resources will screen all applicants, disqualifying from consideration those who do not meet minimum requirements.

3.       The division superintendent will designate a review committee or the assistant superintendent of human resources to evaluate the credentials of each person who applies and has met the minimum requirements for each vacant position to determine those candidates whose qualifications most nearly match the identified selection criteria.

4.       The review committee or assistant superintendent of human resources will determine if panel interviews will be conducted.  If the recommendation is to conduct panel interviews, the committee shall select for interviews those candidates whose qualifications best match identified criteria.

5.       Upon completion of its deliberations, the panel will forward to the division superintendent its recommendations for his consideration for filling the position.

6.       The division superintendent may choose to interview any or all of the recommended candidates and/or he may request the panel to review and submit the names of additional applicants.

7.       The division superintendent shall then make his recommendation to the School Board.






            Application for employment in the Hanover County Public Schools shall be in writing and on forms provided by the office of human resources. A personal interview is required of all applicants as prerequisite to employment.


            It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to furnish accurate information.  Any falsification of  information, credentials or experience shall be cause for dismissal or refusal to employ.


            The Hanover County School Board intends to recruit and retain the best-qualified employees.  Qualified applicants within the division will be given an opportunity to apply for positions for which they are qualified. Vacancies within the division will be advertised and notifications posted in each school and in the central office as further specified in Policy 5-2.1.


LEGAL REFERENCE:   Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, §§ 22.1-70, 22.1-78, 22.1-295.


Recodified:  August 2000





            Tuberculosis Certification Requirement


            Each new Hanover County School Board employee, including teachers, instructional assistants, secretaries, cafeteria workers, custodians, and bus drivers, as well as approved substitute teachers and non-contracted coaches, shall submit a certificate signed by a licensed physician, nurse practitioner or a registered nurse stating that the employee is free of communicable tuberculosis.  Volunteers and student teachers also may be required to provide such certifications.  Certification shall be based on recorded results of such skin tests, x-rays, and other examinations as deemed necessary by the physician.  The tests or examinations must have been performed within the twelve-month period immediately preceding submission of the certificate.  In consultation with the local health director, the School Board may require submission of such certificates at such intervals as it deems appropriate as a condition for continued employment.


            Persons who have had tuberculosis, a previous positive tuberculin test, or who have taken antitubercular medication, shall submit the results of a chest X-ray to the office of human resources.   Continued testing for employees with negative tuberculin skin tests and/or negative chest X-rays is unnecessary.  Employees with positive tuberculin reactions and those who received chest X-rays shall continue to follow the schedule of reexaminations set by their physicians.  Evidence of such reexamination shall be submitted to the office of human resources.


            Contagious, Infectious or Communicable Diseases


            Exclusion from Employment


            Employment by the school board of persons with a contagious or infectious disease poses an increased risk of infection to the school community.  Therefore, the decision to employ any person with an infectious or contagious disease shall be made by the division superintendent or his designee on a case-by-case basis and, where appropriate, based on the recommendation from a review committee.


            Continued Employment


            The attendance at work of employees who suffer from, or are reasonably suspected of suffering from, a communicable disease that poses a substantial risk or danger of infection to the school community and that is serious or long-term (such as Tuberculosis or Hepatitis A), or bloodborne diseases that are infectious or contagious (such as HIV-1, Hepatitis B, or Cytomegalovirus), and that may be transmitted by the exchange of body fluids or secretions, shall be determined by the division superintendent on a case-by-case basis.  The division superintendent shall seek a recommendation from a review committee to assist him in making his determination.  The employee may be temporarily excluded from work with pay pending the division superintendent's decision.  The division superintendent shall develop regulations setting forth the procedures to be followed to effect this Policy.


            Reporting and Control


            To ensure compliance with the Virginia Board of Health requirements for disease reporting and control, the division superintendent shall develop guidelines and procedures for reporting persons suffering from contagious and infectious diseases.


                Bloodborne Pathogens


            The division superintendent shall approve and issue regulations to comply with the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration Standards and the Virginia Occupational and Safety Standard for Bloodborne Pathogens and Disease Causing Microorganisms Transmitted Through Human Blood.


Note:   See Bloodborne Pathogens Standard Exposure Control Plan Manual Physical Exams for School Bus Drivers


            No person shall be employed by the School Board as a bus driver unless he or she: 1) has a physical exam of the scope required by the Virginia Board of Education, and 2) provides the School Board the results of the exam on the form prescribed by the Board of Education.  Such exam and report may be provided by a licensed nurse practitioner as authorized by applicable law.


            The School Board shall also require pre-employment alcohol and drug testing for bus driver applicants, as required by applicable federal and state law and Policy 5-5.5.


LEGAL REFERENCE:   Code of Virginia, as amended 1950, §§ 22.1-178, 22.1-272, 22.1-300, 22.1-301, 32.1-35 through 32.1-38, 54.1-2957.02; Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act; 29 CFR Part 1910, 1030, Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens, Final Rule December 6, 1991; Regulations for Disease Reporting and Control, 12 VAC 5-90-90.


Recodified:  August 2000

Amended:  July 12, 2005







                The following regulations have been developed for use by school administrators who identify a persons who they suspect have communicable diseases in the school or work setting.  These regulations are for diseases or conditions that are communicable and serious or long term such as Tuberculosis or Hepatitis A; or diseases, that are transmitted by blood or body fluids, such as HIV-1, Hepatitis B, or Cytomegalovirus.  Each such determination will be made on a case-by-case basis.


            These regulations are not intended to apply to persons suffering from common childhood disease, such as measles, chicken pox, impetigo, strep throat, scarlet fever, head lice, etc.




            Qualified candidates who possess a disability and who are capable of performing the essential functions of a job (with or without accommodation) will be recruited, selected and employed by the Hanover County Public Schools without discrimination in any employment practice.  Employment opportunities will exist consistent with qualification standards, e.g., personal and professional attributes including skill, experience, education, physical, medical, safety and other established requirements which an individual must meet in order to be eligible for the position held or desired.


            Continued Employment


            The following regulations have been developed for School Board personnel who have identified or who have reasonable cause to suspect that an employee is suffering from a communicable disease that poses a substantial risk or danger of infection to the school community.  These regulations apply to, but are not limited to, diseases such as Tuberculosis, Hepatitis A, HIV-1, Hepatitis B, or Cytomegalovirus.  The employment of such persons shall be made on a case-by-case basis consistent with applicable law.


1.       When school personnel have identified, or have reasonable cause to believe, that an employee has a communicable disease that poses a substantial risk or danger of infection to the school community, that person or persons shall notify the relevant school principal or immediate supervisor.  The school principal shall immediately notify the division superintendent and/or his designee.

2.   The division superintendent and/or his designee will notify the employee of the division superintendent’s intent to establish a Review Committee composed of the director of the Hanover Public Health Department or a public health physician designated by the director, the employee's family physician, and an administrator appointed by the division superintendent.  The division superintendent, in his discretion, may appoint other persons to the Review Committee.  The division superintendent or his designee may require that employee to complete a medical evaluation at School Board expense (if the employee utilizes a health agency or physician approved by the School Board.)

a.      After reviewing all pertinent information regarding the employee and consulting with the employee, the Review Committee shall make a recommendation to the division superintendent regarding the employee's attendance at work. The Review Committee may make further recommendations, as it deems appropriate.

b.      Adults with HIV-1 in school settings shall not be restricted from their normal employment for reasons of the HIV infection unless they have another illness which would restrict employment, so long as the disease or its side effects do not prohibit the employee from fulfilling his job responsibilities or pose a substantial risk or danger of infection to the school community.

3.       The Review Committee shall meet within ten (10) working days of being established and shall make its recommendation to the division superintendent as soon thereafter as practical.

4.       After reviewing all pertinent information regarding the employee and consulting with the employee and, if appropriate, his principal or immediate supervisor and other persons the Review Committee shall deem necessary, the Review Committee shall make a recommendation to the division superintendent regarding the employee’s attendance at work. Such recommendation shall be based upon behavior, neurologic development, and physical condition of the infected employee and the expected type of interaction with others in the proposed setting.  The Review Committee may make such further recommendations as it deems appropriate.  The division superintendent will notify the employee, in writing, of his decision within five (5) working days after receiving the Review Committee's recommendation.  The employee may appeal the division superintendent's decision to the School Board.  A written request for such appeal must be submitted to the division superintendent within ten (10) working days of the decision or the right to appeal will be deemed to be waived.


As recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, special consideration for exclusion from school/work will be made in cases where an infected person is:

a.      not toilet-trained;

b.      incontinent;

c.      unable to control drooling;

d.      unusually physically aggressive, with a documented history of biting or harming others;

e.      bleeding or possessing weeping skin lesions that cannot be covered.


5.       The Review Committee will formulate a plan for periodic review of the employee's status as the disease changes.

6.       The employee may be excluded from work pending the division superintendent's decision or any reevaluation.  During the period of exclusion the employee shall receive paid administrative leave.

7.       All parties involved shall respect the individual's right to privacy.  The number of School Board personnel who are informed of the employee's condition shall be kept to the minimum needed to assure proper care of the employee and to detect situations where the potential for transmission may occur (e.g., bleeding or injury).

8.       All Hanover County schools, regardless of whether students or employees with a communicable disease are present, shall adopt routine procedures for handling blood and body fluids.

9.       Education will be provided to employees and students about communicable diseases and the methods of reducing the risks of transmission.  Employees shall be taught the proper methods of cleaning up spilled body fluids, collecting trash and disinfecting areas, which might be sources of contamination.


            Reporting and Control


            The Virginia Board of Health issues regulations for disease reporting and control.  Under the regulations, any person in charge of a school must immediately report to the local health department the presence of persons with certain enumerated diseases or the suspected presence in his school of individuals who have common symptoms suggesting an epidemic or outbreak of disease.  An epidemic is defined as the occurrence in a community or region of cases of an illness clearly in excess of normal expectancy.


            List of Reportable Diseases


            Virginia State Board of Health, Reportable Disease List, 12 VAC 5-90-90


Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)



Arboviral infections

Aseptic meningitis

Bacterial meningitis (specify etiology)



Campylobacter infections (excluding C. pylori)



Chlamydia trachomatis infections

Congenital rubella syndrome


Encephalitis primary (specify etiology)


Foodborne outbreaks



Granuloma inguinale

Haemophilus influenzae infections invasive

Hepatitis A & B, Non A, Non B, Unspecified


Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection


Kawasake syndrome


Lead-elevated levels in children




Lyme disease

Lymphogranuloma venereum



Measles (Rubeola)

Meningococcal infections


Nosocomial outbreaks

Occupational illnesses

Ophthalmia neonatorum

Pertussis (Whooping cough)

Phenylketonuria (PKU)




Q fever

Rabies in animals

Rabies in man

Rabies treatment, post-exposure

Reye syndrome

Rocky Mountain spotted fever

Rubella (German measles)






Toxic shock syndrome

Toxic substance related illness




Typhoid fever

Typhus, flea-borne

Vibrio infections including cholera

Waterborne outbreaks

Yellow fever


            Reportable Diseases Requiring Rapid Communication


            Certain of the diseases in the list of reportable diseases, because of their extremely contagious nature or their potential for greater harm, or both, require immediate identification and control.  Reporting of these diseases, listed below, shall be made by the most rapid means available, preferably that of telecommunication (e.g., telephone, telephone transmitted facsimile, telegraph, teletype, etc.) to the local health director or other professional employee of the department:






Foodborne outbreaks

Haemophilus influenza infections, invasive

Hepatitis A

Measles (Rubeola)

Meningococcal infections





Rabies in man


Syphilis, primary and secondary


Waterborne outbreaks

Yellow Fever


            Diseases to be Reported by Number of Cases


            Influenza (by type, if available)


Toxic substances related diseases or illnesses


Diseases or illnesses resulting from exposure to a toxic substance, shall include, but not be limited to the following:


   Occupational Lung Diseases           Occupationally-Related Cancers

            silicosis                                                 mesothelioma




Furthermore, all toxic substances-related diseases or illnesses, including pesticide poisonings, illness or disease resulting from exposure to a radioactive substance, or any illness or disease that is indicative of an occupational health, public health, or environmental problem shall be reported.


If such disease or illness is verified or suspected and presents an emergency or a serious threat to public health or safety, the report of such disease or illness shall be by rapid communication as is described above.


Unusual or ill-defined diseases, illnesses, or outbreaks


The occurrence of outbreaks or clusters of any illness which may represent an unusual or group expression of an illness which may be of public health concern shall be reported to the local health department by the most rapid means available.







            The Hanover County School Board will not hire or continue the employment of any part-time, full-time, temporary, hourly, or other employee who is deemed unsuited for service by reason of criminal conviction.


Applicants For Pre-Employment


            Individuals applying for employment in the Hanover County Public Schools for any position shall be required to disclose prior convictions of law other than minor traffic violations or juvenile offenses. The Hanover County Public Schools’ office of human resources may verify information applicants provide by checking work history and personal references or by making criminal record inquiries to determine the applicant's acceptability for employment. Where a prior conviction is ascertained, the school officials will consider the nature of the offense, the date of the offense, and the relationship between the offense and the position for which application is being made.


            Applicants for any position in the School Division must certify that they have not been convicted of: a felony or a misdemeanor involving (i) sexual assault as established in Article 7 (§18.2-61 et seq.) of Chapter 4 of Title 18.2 of the Code of Virginia, (ii) obscenity and related offenses as established in Article 5 (§18.2-372 et seq.) of Chapter 8 of Title 18.2, (iii) drugs as established in Article 1 (§18.2-247 et seq.) of Chapter 7 of Title 18.2, (iv) moral turpitude, or (v) the physical or sexual abuse or neglect of a child; or an equivalent offense in another state. Such a conviction shall bar employment in accordance with state law. Further, where a conviction relates to the suitability of the individual to perform duties in a particular position, such person may be denied employment.


            If an applicant is denied employment because of information appearing on his criminal history record, the School Board shall provide a copy of the information provided by the Central Criminal Records Exchange to the applicant.

The School Board shall require, as a condition of employment, that any applicant who is offered or accepts employment requiring direct contact with students, whether full-time or part-time, permanent or temporary, provide written consent and the necessary personal information for the School Board to obtain a search of the registry of founded complaints of child abuse and neglect. The registry is maintained by the Virginia Department of Social Services. The School Board shall ensure that all such searches are requested in conformance with the regulations of the Board of Social Services. The applicant may be required to pay the cost of the search at the discretion of the School Board. From such funds as may be available for this purpose, however, the School Board may pay for the search.  In addition, where the applicant has resided in another state within the last five years, the applicant must provide written consent to the School Board to obtain information from each relevant state as to whether the applicant was the subject of a founded complaint of child abuse and neglect in each state.  All new employees are required to submit to a fingerprinting/criminal background check during New Employee Orientation.


Post-Employment Convictions


            Employees may be placed on probation or suspended in accordance with Policies 5-6.1 and 5-6.2 if convicted of a criminal offense listed above, including conviction for Driving Under the Influence of drugs or alcohol.  Where a conviction relates to the suitability of the employee to perform duties in a particular position, such employee may be dismissed.


            If a current employee is suspended or dismissed because of information appearing on his criminal history record, the School Board shall provide a copy of the information provided by the Central Criminal Records Exchange to the employee.


            The division superintendent shall inform the School Board of any notification of arrest of a School Board employee received pursuant to Virginia Code §19.2-83.1. The School Board shall require such employee, whether full-time, part-time, temporary or other, to submit to fingerprinting and to provide personal descriptive information to be forwarded along with the employee's fingerprints through the Central Criminal Records Exchange to the Federal Bureau of Investigations for the purpose of obtaining criminal history record information regarding such employee. However, such employee may be required to pay the cost of such fingerprinting or criminal records check at the discretion of the School Board. From such funds as may be available for this purpose, the School Board may pay for the fingerprinting or criminal records check.


LEGAL REFERENCE:   Code of Virginia, as amended 1950, §§ 19.2-83.1, 19.2-389, 22.1-78, 22.1-296.1, 22.1-296.2, 22.1-315, 22.1-296.4.


Recodified:  August 2000

Amended:  July 14, 2009









            The Hanover County School Board recognizes the danger sex offenders pose to student safety.  Therefore, to protect students while they travel to and from school and while they attend school or school-related activities, the School Board shall request automatic electronic notification of registered sex offenders in the same or contiguous zip codes as any school within the school division.   Such request and notification shall be made according to the procedure established by the Virginia Department of State Police (State Police).  The division superintendent shall serve as the contact person with the State Police for receipt of the registered sex offender information.


            Annual Notification


            At the beginning of each school year, the School Board shall notify parents and employees of the School Board’s policy on the dissemination and use of sex offender registry information.


            Receipt and Dissemination of Sex Offender Registry Information


            Once notified that a registered sex offender resides in the same or contiguous zip codes as a school within the school division, the division superintendent shall notify the principals of those schools and determine which central office and other school employees should be provided the registry information.  Sex offender registry information should be provided to employees who are most likely to observe unauthorized persons on or near school property, including but not limited to:


1.       School bus drivers;

2.       Employees responsible for visitor registration;

3.       Employees responsible for bus duty;

4.       Security staff;

5.       Coaches;

6.       Playground supervisors, and

7.       Maintenance personnel.


When registry information is disseminated by the division superintendent, it shall include a notice that such information should not be shared with others and may only be used for the purposes discussed below.  Employees who inappropriately share registry information with others may be disciplined.


            The School Board recognizes that it is the responsibility of local law enforcement units to notify the community of potential public danger.  Therefore, the school division will not disseminate registry information to parents.  However, the division superintendent will work closely with local law enforcement officers to determine when and under what circumstances local law enforcement officials notify the community about the presence of a registered sex offender. 


            Use of Sex Offender Registry Information


            Registry Information shall be used only for the purposes of the administration of law enforcement, screening current or prospective school division employees or volunteers and for the protection of school division students and employees.  Registry information shall not be used to intimidate or harass others.      


            Registered Sex Offender Sighted 


If a notified employee sees a registered sex offender on or near school property, around any school division student, or attending any school division activity, the division superintendent or his designee shall be notified immediately.  The division superintendent or his designee may, in his or her discretion, notify local law enforcement officials.


            School Volunteers and Student Teachers


Each staff member shall submit to the principal the name and address of each volunteer the staff member is or may be using as soon as the person is identified.  The principal shall screen each student teacher and volunteer’s name and address against the registry information.  If a       match is found, the principal shall notify the division superintendent, who shall confirm the match.  If the match is confirmed, the division superintendent shall inform the individual in writing by mail that he or she may not be on school property without permission of the division superintendent.  The notice shall provide the reason with reference to this Policy and regulation.  The division superintendent shall also inform the principal and employees that the individual may not be used as a volunteer.


            Contractors’ Employees 


The division superintendent shall include the following language in all division contracts that may involve an employee of the contractor having any contact with a student:


The contractor shall not send any employee or agent who is a registered sex offender to any school building or school property.  Quarterly, the contractor shall check the registry to determine if any of his employees are registered.


            School Division Employees


Each time sex offender registry information is received, the division superintendent shall review it to determine if a school division employee is registered.  If a match is found, the division superintendent shall confirm or disprove the match with local law enforcement officials.  If the match is confirmed, the division superintendent shall notify the School Board.  The School Board will take the appropriate action to comply with state law, which may include termination of employment.


Applicants for Employment


Before hiring any person, the division superintendent shall determine whether the prospective employee is a registered sex offender.  If the prospective employee is a registered sex offender, he shall not be hired by the school board.


            Students and Parents of Students 


A sex offender registrant who is the parent or guardian of a student shall be permitted to participate in appropriate parent or guardian activities, unless prohibited by court order.  Students who are registered sex offenders may not be precluded from attending school.


            Precautions to Protect Students 


When the division superintendent determines it is necessary to protect students because of the presence of a registered sex offender, alternative arrangements may be made for bus and walking routes to and from school, recess and physical education periods, or any other school activity.


            Requests for Registry Information


            Anyone requesting registry information from the school division shall be referred to the Virginia State Police.







            All Hanover County School Board employees are subject to the State and Local Government Conflict of Interests Act, Virginia Code §§ 2.2-3119, et seq.  In addition to all other applicable provisions of the Act, the School Board may not employ, and the division superintendent may not recommend for employment, any family member of the division superintendent or of a School Board member.


            This prohibition shall not be construed to prohibit the employment, promotion, or transfer within the school division of any person within a relationship described in the previous sentence when such person: (i) has been employed pursuant to a written contract with the School Board or employed as a substitute teacher or teacher’s aide by the School Board prior to the taking of office of any member of the School Board or division superintendent; (ii) has been employed pursuant to a written contract with the School Board or employed as a substitute teacher or teacher’s aide by the School Board prior to the inception of such relationship; or (iii) was employed by the School Board at any time prior to June 10, 1994, and has been employed at any time as a teacher or any other employee of any Virginia school board prior to the taking of office of any member of such school board or division superintendent.


            A family member employed as a substitute teacher may not be given any greater employment than that obtained in the last full school year prior to the taking of office of the division superintendent or a School Board member.


            No family member of any employee may be employed by the School Board if the family member is to be employed in a direct supervisory and/or administrative relationship either supervisory or subordinate to the employee.  The employment and assignment of family members in the same organizational unit shall be discouraged.


            For purposes of implementing this Policy, family members are defined as father, mother, brother, sister, spouse, son, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law or brother-in-law.


LEGAL REFERENCE:       Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, §§ 2.2-3100, et seq.


Recodified:  August 2000, Amended:  July 16, 2003







            The Hanover County School Board will appoint and reappoint employees only upon the recommendation of the division superintendent. The division superintendent or designee is authorized to offer employment to personnel between School Board meetings, subject to approval by the School Board at its next regular meeting.


            Licensed and Non-licensed Personnel


            Licensed Personnel


Licensed personnel shall be appointed by the School Board upon the recommendation of the division superintendent. All licensed personnel shall be selected through the office of human resources.  The selection of teachers will be coordinated with the relevant school principal and subject area administrator.  Administrative personnel will be interviewed by a panel, which will forward its recommendations for consideration to the division superintendent who shall make his recommendation to the School Board.


            Non-Licensed Personnel


Non-licensed personnel shall be appointed by the School Board upon the recommendation of the division superintendent. All non-licensed personnel shall be employed through the office of human resources.  The employment of non-licensed personnel shall be coordinated with the lead administrator and the school principal in the area in which application is being made.


Recodified:  August 2000







            Substitute Teachers


            When it is necessary for the Hanover County School Board to employ a substitute for a teacher, guidance counselor, or a librarian, the school board expects that the best qualified available person shall be employed in each instance of absence of the regular employee.  Principals shall not use a person for substitute work who is not on the substitute list maintained by the office of Human Resources without first clearing it through the office of human resources.  New substitute teachers shall be at least 18 years old and have earned a bachelor’s degree (with the only exception for career and technical education substitutes).  The School Board shall seek to employ substitute teachers who exceed these requirements. 


            Licensure and Contract Issues


            A substitute teacher who teaches continuously in excess of sixty (60) consecutive days or in excess of a total of ninety (90) days in any one school year shall hold a license. A written contract shall be required for a substitute teacher who fills a teacher vacancy for longer than 90 days in any one school year.  No contract shall be required for substitute teachers employed to substitute for a contracted teacher, regardless of the employment duration.   Substitute teachers shall be employed and be paid by the School Board and under no circumstances shall they be paid by the regular teacher for whom they substitute.


            Social Security and Withholding Taxes


            Federal law provides that Social Security contributions be deducted from the wages of all School Board employees, whether full-time or part-time.  By law, individual federal and state income tax must be withheld from the employee's earnings, provided earnings and exemptions are such that withholding tax is justified.  The amount of tax withheld is based on the total earnings in a given pay period and the number of exemptions claimed by the employee.




            Substitute teachers are not eligible for participation in the Virginia Supplemental Retirement Service; however, under certain conditions they may be eligible for retirement under Social Security.




            When an individual degreed substitute works for the same teacher for ten or more consecutive teaching days, the substitute will be paid at the long-term rate of pay.  Salaries will be paid on or before the fifteenth day and the last day of each month. 


                Absences, less than 1/2 day (Teachers, Principals and Secretaries)


            Report of absences should be for 1/2 or whole days at all times.  In cases of less than 1/2 day, teachers should be shown as arriving late and leaving early with appropriate explanation.  When a substitute works, he/she should be credited with 1/2 or one whole-day's service, and the teacher charged for absence accordingly.  The school board recognizes that substitute teachers frequently are requested to teach on very short notice, and sometimes in unfamiliar subjects and grades. However, when applicable substitute teachers shall be expected to maintain the same hours as regular teachers and perform the same duties as are expected of the teachers for whom they are substituting.


            Student Teachers


            A student teacher from an approved accredited institution of higher learning may be accepted for practice teaching upon approval of the division superintendent or his designee and under provisions prescribed to ensure that the progress of Hanover Public School students will not be adversely affected.  No student teacher may teach in a school until the principal has received authorization by the office of human resources.  Student teachers shall do their practice teaching with a teacher who has earned a continuing contract.  All student teachers shall meet the same health requirements as all other School Board personnel, as outlined in Policy 5-2.3.


            Summer School Teachers


            The minimum qualifications of summer school teachers should be the same in all respects as those required for the regular school session.  In making teaching assignments to the summer school program, priority will be granted full-time staff members.


            Adult Education Teachers


            In making teaching assignments to the adult education program, priority will be given full-time staff members.


            Exchange Teachers


            When teachers come to the school division on an exchange basis, the division superintendent may waive the requirements of the policies and regulations relative to appointment, procedures and qualifications within the limitations of state law and subject to approval of the School Board.


            Homebound Teachers


                Homebound teachers shall be employed on a part-time, hourly basis.  They shall be selected from the active file of applicants in the office of human resources or from the approved substitute teacher list and shall hold a valid teaching certificate.


            Part-Time Teachers


            An employee working less than 181 days or less than five (5) hours per day or who is restricted to temporary or interim employment is considered part-time.  Part-time teachers shall meet the certification requirements of the Virginia Board of Education.


            Census Agents




            Agents for the triennial census of school population shall be appointed by the School Board upon the recommendation of the division superintendent.


            Compensation and Expenses


            The School Board shall establish compensation rates for census agents and allowances for travel during the preparation of the budget for the fiscal year in which the census shall be taken.




            Census agents shall gather such statistics and prepare such lists as directed by the division superintendent and required by the Superintendent of Public Instruction.


LEGAL REFERENCE:   Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, §§ 22-1.281, 22.1-282, 22.1-283, 22.1-299, 22.1-302; Licensure Regulations for School Personnel, 8 VAC 20-21-10.


Recodified:  August 2000

Amended:  September 11, 2001, August 10, 2010, July 12, 2011, July 10, 2012






            Generally upon recommendation of the division superintendent, the Hanover County School Board shall place all employees within the various schools and facilities located in the school division.  The division superintendent shall have the authority to assign such employees to their respective positions within the school or facility where they are placed by the School Board.


            The division superintendent shall have the authority to transfer or reassign employees to any school within the division whenever it is deemed that such transfer will contribute to the improvement of the operations of the school division.  Such reassignment shall not affect the salary of the employee, when the employee is notified of the transfer before April 15 of any year for a transfer effective in the next year.


            Administrative Staff Assignments and Transfers


            The initial assignment of Hanover County Public School administrative personnel to individual schools shall be reserved to the School Board, upon recommendation of the division superintendent. After initial assignment, the subsequent transfer of administrative personnel to any school within the school division is the prerogative of the division superintendent with the approval of the School Board.  Such transfers shall not affect the salaries of the individuals concerned for that school year.  The division superintendent shall submit appropriate reports and explanations regarding such transfers upon the request of the School Board.


            Support Staff Assignments and Transfers


            Support staff shall be assigned to positions for which their qualifications meet the needs of the school division’s operations.  Support staff personnel are entitled to initiate a transfer request for a position within their area of competence and for which they are qualified.  Support staff personnel may be transferred to positions for which their qualifications best meet the needs of the school division.


LEGAL REFERENCE:  Code of Virginia, §§ 22.1-70, 22.1-78, 22.1-293, 22.1-294, 22.1-295, 22.1-297.


Recodified:  August 2000









            An employee who has requested a transfer or an employee who is being considered for an involuntary transfer may request a personal interview with the assistant superintendent of human resources.  A transfer candidate will be asked to interview with the prospective principal, director, or supervisor.


1.       When involuntary transfers are necessary, a teacher's area of competence, major and/or minor field of study, quality of teaching performance, and length of service in the school division will be considered in determining which teacher is to be transferred.  Teachers being involuntarily transferred will be transferred to a comparable position.

2.       Notice of transfer will be given to teachers as soon as practicable and under normal circumstances not later than June 30.

3.       Employees desiring a voluntary transfer shall submit a written request to the assistant superintendent of human resources stating the assignment preferred.  Such request must be submitted as a part of the annual "intent form" process and no later than April 30.  As vacancies occur, transfer requests will be considered.

4.       Before an employee is assigned or transferred to a particular school, the principal of the school in question will be consulted and will make a recommendation concerning the assignment or transfer.

5.       When a request for transfer has been approved, a letter shall be sent by the assistant superintendent of human resources to the transferee designating school assignment for the following year.



200 Berkley Street

Ashland, Virginia 23005

(804) 365-4500





NAME                                                                                                                     SS#                                                           





HANOVER SCHOOL ASSIGNED                                                                                                                                    


I hereby certify that the above named is believed free of communicable tuberculosis, this date.


                                                SIGNED                                                                                                                 ,    M.D.






                                                TELEPHONE NUMBER                                                                                                     





I am a licensed physician in                                                                                               (State or District), United States.


PROCEDURES:  (Employees Only)


1.             All new employees shall provide a certificate signed by a licensed physician stating that the employee is free of communicable tuberculosis.


2.             The completed physician's certificate or X-ray report must be sent to the Human Resources department before starting work.


3.             Physician's certificate for substitute teaching must be returned with the substitute information sheet to the Human Resources Office.


4.                    New employees who are pregnant may submit a statement signed and dated by a licensed physician that they are free of communicable tuberculosis, or may have a skin test upon the approval of their physician.


*This form is used in compliance with Section 22.1-300, Code of Virginia.