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2-4.1    Community Use of School Facilities

2-4.2    Use of School Equipment

2-4.3    Public Conduct on School Property

2-4.4    Tobacco Use on School Property




  For the purposes of this Policy, “school facilities” are defined as buildings, grounds and equipment owned or operated by the Hanover County School Board.  The primary purpose of these facilities is for the support of the instructional program.  However, the School Board encourages the use of these facilities by the public when such use will not interfere with the basic purposes of the educational program.


             Charges and fees for the use of these school facilities are designed not to limit or prohibit use, but to protect citizens from the expenditures of public money appropriated for classroom instruction and for other purposes.  The expenses of heating, lights, water and custodial services, as well as protection of school property and security of the buildings when various groups use school facilities, make it necessary to have specific regulations with relation to the use of schools, buildings and grounds.  Because schools are educational institutions, their facilities should be used in an appropriate manner to enhance the education and culture of the community.  Requests for permission to use school facilities for programs that do not meet this basic standard shall be denied.  Any program of a type that might attract an undesirable patronage or result in boisterous behavior or misconduct on the part of the spectators shall be denied.


             School facilities shall not be used for public dances.  School departmental facilities, such as laboratories, music, vocational and commercial departments, generally shall not be made available for non-school use.  Use of school facilities on Sundays, when schools are closed during summer and winter breaks or for inclement weather, may be limited.


             The division superintendent is authorized to permit the use of school property and to issue regulations consistent with School Board policies for the proper administration of the use of school facilities.  The division superintendent shall submit to the School Board a monthly report on the use of school facilities.


Concessions on School Property


Outside groups may be permitted to use athletic field concession stands. Approval by the division superintendent or his designee of such requests shall be contingent upon the groups abiding by School Board policies, paying the appropriate fees and submitting the proper application forms.  The fees shall be established and from time to time revised in regulations prepared by the division superintendent or his designee.


Priority of Eligible Organizations


The requirements of the regular school program shall receive first consideration in the use of school facilities. School-related organizations shall have priority over non-school-related organizations.


LEGAL REFERENCE:  Code of Virginia, 1950,  as amended, §§ 22.1-131, 22.1-132, 4.1-309.


Recodified: August 2000

Amended:  July 16, 2002, May 10, 2011






Hanover County Public Schools facility rental fees may be waived for local and state government agencies, or for charitable or other educational organizations as recommended by the school principal.  When building use is approved outside normal work hours or if additional staff is deemed necessary by the principal fees will be assessed for staff ("Building Attendant").




Fees will be assessed according to an organization’s physical address.  An individual will be assessed based on the individual’s physical home address.  The physical address will determine residency.  Non-resident organizations (to be determined by the physical address of the organization) will be charged a rate double the amount assessed resident organizations.  A dual fee schedule, one for Elementary and Middle Schools and one for High Schools (based on 3 hour blocks of time), is below:





Resident & 

Open to Public

Non-Resident & Resident NOT Open to public


$  50.00 (Minimum 3 hours) and $25 per hour for each additional hour or partial hour


$100.00 (Minimum 3 hours) and $50 per hour for each additional hour or partial hour


Elementary/Middle School






$150.00 (Minimum 3  hours) and $50 per hour for each additional hour or partial hour




$300.00 (Minimum 3 hours) and $100 per hour for each additional hour or partial hour

High School






$200.00 (Minimum 3  hours) and $75 per hour for each additional hour or partial hour



$400.00 (Minimum 3 hours) and $150 per hour for each additional hour or partial hour


To qualify for a seasonal league fee the adult or youth league use must be coordinated through the Hanover County Parks and Recreation Department.  All others will be charged at a per use rate.


OUTDOOR (all schools):





Parking lot/grounds

$  25.00

$   50.00

(non-athletic use)






Adult and Youth Athletics (indoor and outdoor):


Affiliated with Hanover County Parks and Recreation Department


Adult and youth leagues:  (indoor & outdoor facilities) to be assessed a seasonal league fee in the amount of $150/event/season/site (i.e., Tuesday & Thursday $300/season) 

All other athletic organizations 


Individual organizations that have not coordinated their use of outdoor athletic fields by registering with the Hanover County Parks and Recreation Department will be assessed a $200 per use fee.


Please note that Hanover County Parks and Recreation may assess an additional fee for athletic users.  Please reference the Hanover County Parks and Recreation Facility Use Policy for additional information.


A portion of the facility use fees will be returned to the Central Office to defray utility and repair costs associated with building usage.


Fees for supervisory, custodial and for other staff presence may be assessed in addition to the fees listed above.


Staff Presence and Additional Charges


In addition to the charges for use of school facilities, a charge for the services of a school division employee, or employees (including custodial, cafeteria, supervisory and/or administration personnel) may be required.  Payment for staff presence is to be made to the school in which the activity is being held.  These charges are as follows:


1.    Custodial Staff - The rate of pay will be determined annually.  Payment shall be made for a minimum of three hours.


A custodial staff member should be on duty for all non-school activities.  For most meetings it will be necessary for the employee to be on duty prior to the time the meeting is scheduled to prepare the facility for use.  The organization shall be charged for all extra time used beyond the employee’s regular schedule, plus any extra time the employee may have to expend during his/her regular work hours to prepare for the organization’s use of the facility.  For example, using a lunchroom requires removal of tables and chairs.  If this work is done on school time by the employee, the organization will be billed for this time since the employee will be required to spend this additional time away from his regular duties.  The presence of the employee on duty does not relieve the organization of responsibility for any damage done to the property.


2.     Cafeteria Personnel - The rate of pay will be determined annually.  Payment will be for a minimum of three hours.  For school functions (PTA, etc.) the school shall reimburse the cafeteria worker’s hourly rate of pay.


When kitchen facilities are used to prepare and/or serve foods, one or more members of the regular cafeteria staff, preferably the manager, shall direct the said preparation and/or service.  The regular staff member shall determine that equipment and facilities are properly used, cleaned, and restored after usage.  The organization using the kitchen facilities shall pay a rental fee as established above for use of the facility plus the compensation for cafeteria worker(s).


3.     Administrators and Supervisory Personnel - School administrators or other supervisory personnel presence, including law enforcement, Fire and EMS, may be required if deemed necessary by the school principal/school division.  Payment for such presence shall be for minimum of three hours.  The cost will be determined annually.


4.      Special Equipment - Special lighting must be operated by trained persons.  Pianos may not be used or moved unless under the authorization and/or supervision of the lead teacher specialist for performing arts.  The charge for the use of the piano and of persons to operate the lights will be determined annually.  Organizations may be charged for the use of other special equipment or consumables, which charge will be determined by the school principal.


5.      All fees shall be reviewed and established annually through the budget process.


Sports Organizations, Parks and Recreation, and Sport Leagues


Organizations will be required to pay school personnel to supervise all indoor activities.  In addition, groups may be charged a maintenance fee if the premises are littered or if custodial services are required.


Guidelines to be Used by Facility Coordinators to Prioritize the Scheduling of Events


1.       Local school activities

2.       Activities of educational organizations as recommended by the school principal

3.       Local and state government activities

4.       Activities facilitated through Parks & Recreation AND open to the public

5.       County-based organizations (residency determined by organizations’ physical address)

6.       Hanover County resident activities

7.       Activities of non-resident, organizations

8.       Other activities


Note:  To receive priority scheduling, adult or youth league use must be coordinated by registering with the Hanover County Parks and Recreation Department.

**   The period of time for submitting applications to receive priority scheduling is July 1 – July 15 for the period of August 1 through January 31.  Priority scheduling for the period February 1 through July 31 should be submitted between January 1 and January 15.  The building facilitator will review the athletic needs of the school facilities utilizing the prioritization guidelines to schedule facility events.  Applications received after July 15 and January 15 will  be considered throughout the year in the order they are received.

Internal School Organizations


Internal school organizations (PTA/PTO, booster organizations, county music groups, and other scheduled groups) should schedule the use of school facilities directly with the school principal.  The school principals will determine the need for custodial fees.  Facility use fees and administrative fees will not be charged.  School organizations using facilities in other schools and external school organizations (for example, regional music or regional vocational organizations) should complete a Facility Use Application.  School organizations sponsoring the use of school facilities by outside groups should also complete a Facility Use Application. 


Facility Use Application and Approval


Conditions under which School Board buildings and grounds in the division may be used for non-school activities are the following:


1.     Permission will not be given for fundraising or profit-making activities conducted by any entity or individual operating for profit unless the activity is solely for charity, school fund-raising or educational purposes.


2.     Permission for the use of school facilities may be given only when an application form is filed at least two (2) weeks in advance.  The division superintendent or his designee may waive these requirements if unusual circumstances warrant.  A form shall be completed in triplicate and filed with the division superintendent or his designee.  All school activities, including those which are by necessity rescheduled, will take priority over use by outside groups.


 3.    The following procedures shall be followed when any organization is applying for continual use of school facilities while the organization engages in capital programs supporting their efforts to move to a permanent location. 


a.  Any approved application is valid for a maximum of six months from the date of approval in order to align the approval date with the priority scheduling in January and July.

b.   A new application may be submitted at any time, but renewal applications must be submitted at the next priority scheduling period of January or July.  An applicant may have an application renewed up to five times, which may extend facility use under these circumstances to a maximum of 36 months.

c.     A review of the application will be conducted by school personnel along with a representative from the organization at the time of each reapplication.  The parties’ review shall address areas of concern and the status of the organization’s construction plans/progress.

d.     Failure to adhere to the rules and regulations of this Policy will result in termination of the approved application.           


  1. The applicant will place reliable persons in charge of all activities, will be responsible for damage caused by the group or by others admitted and will provide police protection, if necessary, to maintain order and to protect school property.  To assure that security of the building is maintained, the person assuming responsibility for the activity must sign the Facility Use Application and must be present when the activity is conducted.  


  1. Before any application can be approved by the division superintendent or his designee, and before the event can be held, all organizations using school facilities must provide to the school a certificate of liability insurance.  The insurance policy should be for at least $1,000,000.00.  The insurance requirement may be reduced to $500,000.00 for informational or educational small group meetings.  The school administration may require additional insurance coverage for events judged to be high risk.  Certain self-insured sports instructors shall file a certificate of insurance annually.


  1. The application for the use of facilities shall not be considered approved until a signed copy has been sent to the applicant.


Rules and Regulations


1.     No organizations may use the buildings or grounds at any time or in such a manner that would interfere with the operation of the school for public education purpose.

2.     The School Board and its representatives must have free access to facilities at all times.

3.     In the event of the cancellation of a scheduled meeting or event, notification must be given at least twenty-four (24) hours before the scheduled time or the fees are forfeited.

4.     The school system reserves the right to cancel an approved activity at any time.  Hanover County Public Schools shall not be liable for any damages, direct or incidental, that result from this action.

5.     The applicant shall not sublet space to another organization or group.

6.     Any organization desiring to move special properties into the school or into the grounds, including the auditorium, prior to or on the date of rehearsal or performance must obtain permission from the office of the division superintendent. All flats, curtains, and costumes must be treated for fire.

7.     Putting up decorations or scenery or moving pianos is prohibited unless special permission is granted.

8.     Permission for bringing equipment such as concession stands or trucks or carnival equipment on school property must be requested in writing thirty days in advance before formal agreement will be considered by Hanover County Public Schools.

9.     The parking of automobiles shall be restricted to designated areas. Parking is prohibited in areas designated for the handicapped (without proper authorization) and in fire lanes.

10.   The organization that uses the building and grounds shall be responsible for the conduct of its members.    

11.   Any damage done to School Board property shall be compensated for by the sponsoring organization.  Police protection must be provided by any group or organization at its own expense if the school administration deems it advisable.

12.   Smoking is not permitted in any part of the building.

13.   There shall be no alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs brought to or consumed or used in the building or on the grounds.

14.   Premises are rented or donated with the understanding that "tipping" of custodians or other school personnel  is not permitted.

15.   Except by special permission, a group shall not be permitted to remain after 12 midnight.

16.   Building keys will not be provided to any group.

17.  Organizations using the facility are expected to leave the facility ready for use the next day.  The organization must provide adequate kitchen help to prepare the food, set up the cafeteria, and to clean up.  The charge for custodians and cafeteria persons are for operational and security services only.  Custodial fees and other personnel fees are governed by wage and hour regulations.  All fees for services and/or personnel shall be payable to the particular school at which the event or meeting is conducted.

18.  Payment shall be made to the school within thirty (30) days from the date of the invoice.  

19.   In kind compensation in lieu of payment of fees listed in the regulation is prohibited.

20.  All publicity for an event shall carry the name of the group sponsoring the meeting or event.  All advertisements for the event shall be reviewed by the division superintendent or his designee and shall include a statement indicating the fact that a group is permitted to use a School Board facility does not in any way constitute endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs by the School Board.  All publicity must be pre-approved by the Hanover County School Board or school contact.

21.   School facilities shall not be used for public dances.

22.   School facilities shall not be used for gambling, including bingo.

23.  Department facilities, such as laboratories, music, vocational, and commercial departments, generally shall not be made available for non-school use.

24.  Use of school facilities on Sundays and holidays may be limited.

25.  The School Board assumes no responsibility for items or equipment brought on premises by the using organization, its members or guests, or for lost or stolen items.  The School Board also assumes no responsibility for injuries or illness sustained and/or contracted on the premises.  The person signing the application and the organization which he represents shall be held financially responsible for any damage to the building, its furniture, and equipment during the period of use.  The organization using the school facilities will be responsible for damage or theft of school property.

26.  Failure to observe the rules will result in suspension of the privilege to use the school facility.

27.  All athletic-based, approved facility users must conduct their activities in accordance with Hanover County Parks and Recreation’s “Hanover Athletic League Policy – Athletic League Responsibilities.”  A copy of these responsibilities can be obtained from Hanover County Parks and Recreation’s main office. 

28.  All athletic-based, approved facility users must comply with the Hanover County Parks and Recreation policy regarding athletic field use when schools are closed due to inclement weather.  Refer to School Board Regulation 4-2.8:  School Closings.


Amended:  July 16, 2002, October 22, 2002, September 9, 2003, March 2, 2004, March 10, 2009, May 10, 2011





            School equipment may be loaned to responsible community groups for a worthy educational, civic, or charitable purpose when:


1.    The group borrowing the equipment agrees to accept responsibility for repairing or replacing any equipment damaged or lost while in its possession.

2.    The equipment is not both unusually expensive and also subject to easy damage.

3.    The equipment is in good condition.

4.    The group will provide a competent operator for any equipment loaned.


LEGAL REFERENCE:  Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, §§ 22.1-70, 22.1-78, 22.1-131, 22.1-132.


Recodified:  August 2000

Amended:  January 13, 2004

                                                       ACCOMPANYING REGULATION




 “School equipment” available for loan under this policy excludes ladders, scaffolding or other climbing equipment; tools; or lifts or other mechanical equipment, which may only be used by maintenance, custodial, and other school personnel who have been specifically trained in their use.


            Adopted:  January 29, 2004




                All visitors shall register at the relevant Hanover County Public School office on arrival.  Any person found to be engaged in or advocating illegal activity while on school property, including school buses, shall be reported by the principal to the local law enforcement authorities. It is unlawful for any person to enter a school at nighttime without the consent of an authorized person except to attend a meeting or service. Persons violating this provision may be prosecuted. It is prohibited for any person to enter or remain on any school property, including school buses, in violation of (i) any direction to vacate the property by an authorized individual or (ii) any posted notice which contains such information, posted at a place where it reasonably may be seen.   See policy 2-3.6


                Any person who willfully and maliciously damages, destroys or defaces any school district building, damages or removes any school property from a school building may be prosecuted. Any person who willfully interrupts, or disturbs the operation of any school or, being intoxicated, disturbs the same, whether willfully or not, may be prosecuted.  Each student or his parents shall be required to reimburse the School Board for any actual breakage or destruction of property done by the student as permitted by applicable law. Smoking and use of alcoholic beverages are prohibited at all times in school buildings.


LEGAL REFERENCE: Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, §§ 4.1-309, 15.1-291.1, et seq., 18.2‑415, 18.2-128; 20 U.S.C. § 6083.


Recodified:  August 2000




                Smoking is prohibited at all times and under all circumstances in all Hanover County Public School buildings as provided in federal, state and local law. 


                Each principal shall post signs stating "No Smoking", as applicable within each school building. The supervisor of transportation shall post signs visible upon entering each school bus stating "No Smoking."


LEGAL REFERENCE: Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, §§ 15.1-291.1 et seq; 20 U.S.C., § 6083.


Recodified: August 2000