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Administration & Administrative Staff

Name Title E-mail Address
Dr. Amy Robinson Principal Email
Brad Davis Assistant Principal Email
Cabell Davis Registrar Email
Julia Inge Financial Secretary Email


Name Title E-mail Address
Karen Schricker School Nurse Email


Name Title E-mail Address
Shannon Pates Cafeteria Manager Email


Name Title E-mail Address
Kevin Thompson School Counselor Email
Courtney Leonarkis School Counselor- Wednesdays Email


Name Title E-mail Address
Abby Baird Music Teacher Email
Anne Candler Art Teacher Email
Kristy Banton Library Media Specialist Email
Elaine Naumann Library Aide Email
Barry Simon PE Teacher Email

Special Services

Name Title E-mail Address
Cathy Naff Family Engagement Behavior Intervention Specialist Email
Becky Rife ESL Teacher Email
Maureen Ambrose Gifted & Talented Email
Tamara Letter Instructional Technology Resource Teacher Email
Kasey Warren Math Resource Email
Kim O'Brien Reading/Math Resource Email
Kelly Parese Core Reading Specialist Email
Millie Brezinski Title 1 Resource Teacher Email
Maureen Atkinson Supplemental Reading Specialist Email
Sarah Hockman Instructional Assessment Resource Teacher Email
Becky Rickman Supplemental Reading Specialist Email
Wendy Schilbe Supplemental Reading Specialist Email
Robin Welch SOL Tutor Email
Grace Whitlock SOL Tutor Email
Kristi Oliver Title 1 Instructional Assistant Email
Kennith Hicks Technology Support Email

Special Education <Click Here to Link to Special Education's Page>

Name Title E-mail Address
Julie Pinkard School Psychologist Email
Amanda Morales Special Education Teacher Email
Stacy Gerke Special Education Teacher Email
Kristy Bryant Special Education Teacher Email
Kelli Martin Special Education Teacher Email
Andrea O'Connor Special Education Teacher Email
Crystal Wilson Special Education Teacher Email
Angie Young Special Education Teacher Email
Nicole Zingaro Special Education Teacher Email
Meg Bost Speech Language Pathologist Email
Gina Hazelgrove Speech Language Pathologist Email
Amie Boothe Instructional Aide Email
Ashley Farmer Instructional Aide Email
Erika Young Instructional Aide Email
Jenny Eiben Instructional Aide Email
Shantel Wright Instructional Aide Email
Susan Reamer Instructional Aide Email
Tiffany Rounds Instructional Aide Email
Rachel Snoddy Instructional Aide Email
Karissa Kirby Instructional Aide Email
Tara Lavin Instructional Aide Email

Hanover Preschool Initiative <Click Here to Link to HPI's Page>

Name E-mail Address
Tara Dunne Email
Alison Reid Email
Haley Williams Email
Dena Currie (HPI Aide) Email
Elaine Seay (HPI Aide) Email
Kenny Spurlock (HPI Aide) Email

Kindergarten <Click Here to Link to Kindergarten's Page>


Name E-mail Address
Deb F. Horan Email
Stacie Roden Email
Brittany Strimple Email
Sandy Wright Email
Heather Card Email
Michelle Harmon (K Instructional Aide) Email
Rebecca Randolph (K Instructional Aide) Email

First Grade <Click Here to Link to First Grade's Page>

Name E-mail Address
Conde Bivins Email
Kristen Houston Email
Suzi Tapper Email
Anthony Whitaker Email
Heather Wright Email

Second Grade <Click Here to Link to Second Grade's Page>

Name E-mail Address
Kim Baer Email
Donna Brown Email
Kim Anderson Email
Tracey Mohr Email
Christy Crow Email

Third Grade <Click Here to Link to Third Grade's Page>

Name E-mail Address
Heather Buffkin Email
Ryan Heizer Email
Della Hemphill Email
Stephanie Joyner Email
Melanie Williams Email

Fourth Grade <Click Here to Link to Fourth Grade's Page>

Name E-mail Address
Ellen Burgess Email
Lori Cross Email
Jennie Smith Email
Krista Miller Email
Laurie Walton Email

Fifth Grade <Click Here to Link to Fifth Grade's Page>

Name E-mail Address
Taryn Biggerstaff Email
Teri Donnelly Email
Jennifer Madison Email
Kate Gray Miller Email
Abbie Rossman Email

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