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Animal Lovers to share ideas/experiences about animals, animal rights efforts, etc.

Art to learn how to draw cartoons

Art (GT)

Board Games to compete against peers in a variety of board games

Card Games to compete against peers, both old and new, in which students will utilize their math skills

Chain Links to promote school-wide acts of kindness to all students

Checkers/Chess/Bat gammon compete with peers in these classic games

Christian Spreading the Word (CSW) to allow students the opportunity to meet with other students who share similar religious beliefs and gain confidence in sharing their belief with other students. 

Classic Movies to become familiar with the classic movies

Comedy Club learn various types of comedy

Computer to teach students how to use the computer

Current Events acquaint students with world affairs

Drama to perform various skits and plays

Ecology to learn about recycling and its benefits

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) to aid in the educational, spiritual, emotional, and social growth of an student athlete

FHA to focus on home and family life

Fitness Club discuss health and nutrition.

Horse Lovers Club to enhance the education and provide support for students who are interested in horses and riding

Intramurals to develop athletic skills and encourage good sportsmanship

Jr. Beta

Juggling Club to advance the coordination, motor skills, and teamwork of students

Library Club to care for the library, time for reading, and using Kindles, iPads, e-books, and webcams

Math Club to make math entertaining, relate to mathematical strategies to games, puzzles and cards

Newspaper students with journalistic interests and writing skills may enjoy the school newspaper club.  The newspaper will include reporters, photographers, editors, and layout designers.

Pen Pals to develop a network of worldwide friends

Photography learn basic technique and history

Puzzles crossword puzzles, 3-D puzzles, etc

Reading to read and share books

Red Cross to encourage student involvement with community service


School Beautification Club to help make our school be more beautiful and promote pride

Scrapbook student makes their own personal scrapbook

Sign Language to promote the fundamentals of communication through sign language

Skateboarding to discuss skateboarding

Spirit Club to promote school spirit

Sports Talk to discuss sports related happenings in the news

Weaving to learn various techniques and weaving patterns

WLMS -TV to produce a school news program

World Language to become familiar with the different cultures and countries throughout the world