Instructional Leadership Staff

Ms. Jennifer Greif
Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Leadership


Karen Akom
Lead Teacher Specialist for Secondary Special Education
Karla Allen
Coordinator of Counseling Services
Ms. Debbie Arco
Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Kathy Benckert
Teacher Leader for Reading Recovery
Diane Brown
Director of Special Education
Heather Causey
ITRT and Online Learning Developer
Linda Clark
Admin. Asst. - Special Education
Nancy Disharoon
Director of Accreditation & Accountability
Kim Dye
Curriculum Specialist - Science

Meredith Eads
Lead Teacher Specialist for Elementary Special Education

Barry Flowe
Curriculum Specialist - Performing Arts
Connie Foreman
Coordinator of Gifted & Talented Education
Cameron Glasco
Federal Account Specialist - Title I
Dr. Dana Gresham
Director of Professional Dev., Leadership & Federal Programs
Barbara Hancock-Henley
Coordinator of Career and Technical Education
Jaime Hanks
CSA Senior Teacher Case Manager, SPED
Debbie Hill
Admin. Asst - Elementary, Secondary, CTE, and Gifted Services
Sarah Hockman
Instructional Assessment Resource Teacher
Ann Huckstep
Senior Admin. Asst. -  Instructional Leadership and School Safety & School Board Deputy Clerk
Allison Kahl
Assessment Resource Teacher
Suszy Leonard
Family Services Specialist, HPI
Catherine Loomis
Data Management Specialist
Ann Lundquist
Admin. Asst. -  Accreditation & Accountability
Brian Maltby
Disciplinary Hearing Review Officer
Laura Matthews
Student Support Services Specialist
Dr. Tricia Miller
Director of Elementary Education
Gigi Mohrmann
Education and Mental Health Specialist, Hanover Preschool Initiative
Sarah Pontynen
Admin. Asst. - Curriculum & Instruction and Textbook Coordinator
Chelle Quinn
Federal Account Specialist - Hanover Preschool Initiative
Erica Regensburg
CSA Case Manager, SPED
Ian Shenk
Curriculum Specialist - Mathematics
Tami Slater
Curriculum Specialist - Language Arts & Reading
Jennifer Stackpole
Curriculum Specialist - Visual Arts
Dr. Robert Staley
Director of Secondary Education
Katie Stockhausen
Coordinator of Federal Programs
Stephanie Stockman
Curriculum Specialist - World Languages and ESL
Julie Tate 
Curriculum Specialist - Media Services
Dr. Amy Thompson
Professional Development Coordinator
John Trott
Curriculum Specialist - Health, PE, and Driver Education
Shellie Waldron
Coordinator for Secondary Special Education
Dr. Margie Walthall
Assessment Specialist
Kristen Wilken
Coordinator for Elementary Special Education
Dr. Robert Williams
Curriculum Specialist - Social Studies
Sherri Yoho
Admin. Asst. - Special Education
Lauren Ziegler
Assistant Director of Special Education

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