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Important Links

Your Family's Special Education Rights - VA Procedural Safeguards

2010 Parent's Guide to Special Education

Community Resource Book for Hanover County (The Rainbow Book)

Extended School Year (ESY)

Guidance for Military Families with Students in Special Education
- The Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center
Hanover Community Services Board (CSB)

The Arc of Hanover

Virginia Dept. of Education Special Education & Student Services

Family Center on Technology and Disability (FCTD)

Autism Society-Central Virginia Chapter (AS-CV)

T/TAC Online

Recreational Resources for Parents & Professionals

PEATC workbook for middle school students with special needs

Post-secondary Education Rehabilitation Transition (PERT) at Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center

PAVE program at J Sargeant Reynolds is a two-year vocational training program which serves students with intellectual, physical, emotional, and learning disabilities

AIM-VA - accessible materials for K-12 students with print disabilities who have an IEP


Why a Starfish?


A father and son went for a walk on the beach the day after a storm to survey the damage. They saw that thousands of starfish had washed ashore and were sure to die in the mid-day sun. The son began running up and down the beach, throwing as many as he could back into the water. The father saw this and said, “Son, look how many there are... what does it matter?”. The son picked one up and threw it into the ocean stating “It mattered to that one”.


Because Everyone Matters!

Important Information

 Parents Guide to IEP Meetings

 IEP Packet for Parents - tools and tips 
  to help you with your child's next IEP

 IEP Packet for Students  - tools and tips
  to help you with your next IEP meeting

 HCPS Transition Website for Parents -  
Information about services, timelines,
 service providers and more.

Recipe for Student Success - Everything
 you need to know about Special 
 Education CLICK HERE for

 IEP Decisions re: the Related Service of

Superintendent’s Memo -
Services for students with hearing and vision impairment

Superintendent’s Memo -
Disability History and Awareness Month




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Mission Statement

Hanover County Public Schools' Department of Special Education has established the Parent Resource Center as a source of information, support, and training for parents, students, teachers, staff, and community members.

The PRC is committed to promoting working relationships between parents, educators, and the community.  Our goal is to help parents gain knowledge and become comfortable with the special education process.  We believe this will allow parents to partner with schools and become more involved in the planning and decision making process for their child's education.