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John Trott

   Curriculum Specialist
   Health, Physical &
   Driver Education 



To contact one of the staff members listed below, please click on his or her name or call the school directly.  For information on individual school health, physical education, and driver's education programs, click on the school name.



Battlefield Park - Sue Rice, PE Instructor
Beaverdam -
Kim Arnall, PE Instructor
Cold Harbor
- Russell Campbell
, PE Instructor
Cool Spring -
Austin Beazley, PE Instructor
Elmont - John Evko
, PE Instructor
Henry Clay - Kenny Depew
, PE Instructor
John M. Gandy Jennifer Burch
, PE Instructor
Kersey Creek - Eric Monger, PE Instructor
Laurel Meadow - Peggy Matthews
, PE Instructor
Mechanicsville - Barry Simon
, PE Instructor
Pearson's Corner - Kevin Yeatts
, PE Instructor
Pole Green - Christy Valentine
, PE Instructor
Rural Point - Joncie Albright
, PE Instructor
South Anna - Carol Beazley
, PE Instructor

Washington-Henry - Karen Moran, PE Instructor



Chickahominy - Laurie Hall, Department Chairperson
Liberty - Jeremy Dobrinski, Department Chairperson
Oak Knoll -
Fred Shibley, Department Chairperson
Stonewall Jackson - Judi Culver, Department Chairperson



Atlee - Steve Thompson, Department Chairperson
Hanover - Charlie Dragum, Department Chairperson
Lee-Davis -
David Wilton, Department Chairperson
Patrick Henry - Leslie Nuckols, Department Chairperson