Instructional Program Overview


The elementary program in Hanover County provides varied learning experiences that promote students' successful academic achievement and social responsibility at all levels of development (K-5).  Currently, approximately 8,000 students attend fifteen elementary schools:  Battlefield Park, Beaverdam, Cold Harbor, Cool Spring, Elmont, Henry Clay, John M. Gandy, Kersey Creek, Laurel Meadow, Mechanicsville, Pearson's Corner, Pole Green, Rural Point, South Anna, and Washington-Henry.  All schools are accredited by the State of Virginia.

The curriculum encompasses the core areas of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies based on the Virginia Standards of Learning.  The Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) may be accessed at VDOE Standards & SOL-based Instructional Resources.  Instruction in health, physical education, music, art, and library provide additional educational experiences.  Other areas that enhance the elementary curriculum include Title I, Gifted Education, Special Education, and Family Life Education.  School Counseling and Homebound Instruction support prevention and intervention.

The elementary program embraces the school system's Mission Statement and the Statement of Beliefs that include the following:

                      - "Learning is a life-long process",
                      - "All individuals can learn and shall have an equal opportunity  
                         to achieve their highest potential",
                      - "Excellence is the standard for teaching and learning" and
                      - "Safety and security are essential in providing a productive   
                         learning environment".