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Professional Development

Hanover County offers many programs to support and assist educators continually develop knowledge and skills.

  • A structured Mentoring Program is in place at each school for beginning teachers which includes one-on-one partnerships with veteran teachers and periodic group support workshops.

  • A comprehensive Peer Coaching Program is established to support teachers with best practices for effective teaching.  Teachers are observed by trained peers at their own school who offer feedback and non-evaluative support.

  • Individual Professional Growth Funding up to $800 per year is available for full-time employees to work on individual goals. 

  • An additional $1000 is available for teachers adding endorsements in Critical Shortage Areas application, which include special education, physics, chemistry, mathematics, and foreign languages. (Click here for more information regarding this policy.)

  • Each middle and high school, as well as some elementary, has a reading coach on staff who helps all teachers enhance literacy within all content area classes through modeling, co-planning, co-teaching, and training.

  • Each middle and high school, as well as some elementary, has a mathematics coach on staff who help math teachers incorporate best practices and conceptual problem-solving strategies in their classes through modeling, co-planning, co-teaching, and training.

  • A Technology Coach and a Technical Systems Administrator is employed at each school to assist teachers with implementation of computer technology.  Technology Institute Courses are available each Fall, Spring, and Summer, free of charge, to enhance employees' computer skills.

  • Instructional Technology Resource Teachers coach teachers with technology integration through modeling, co-planning, co-teaching, and training.

  • Quality staff development and licensure renewal opportunities scheduled in school calendar for all teachers.

  • On-site courses and cohorts are offered for teachers and administrators seeking master's and doctoral degrees in various programs.

  • A year-round Leadership Academy is voluntary for aspiring administrators and other school leaders.

  • Hanover pays application fees for teachers seeking National Board Certification.  Teachers receiving initial certification will earn a $5000 bonus and will continue to receive $2,500 annually for each year thereafter that the certification is maintained. Thirty Hanover teachers have earned NBCT recognition.  For additional information on becoming national board certified, click here.

  • Virginia's five-year license renewal fees are paid by HCPS, as required by the Virginia Department of Education for educators.  Virginia teachers must earn 180 points every five years to renew the teaching collegiate professional or postgraduate professional license.  Click here for Teacher Licensure Renewal Manual.

  • Lead Teacher Specialists in each content area lead professional development and supervise curriculum implementation across the county.

  • Department Chairpersons and Curriculum Resource Teachers are full-time teachers who are paid stipends to assist other teachers implement the curriculum and find resources.

  • Senior Teachers are teachers with reduced or no teaching schedules who work at the middle and high schools to provide administrative and curricular assistance to all teachers in regular and special education.

  • The Hanover Education Foundation awards grants to teachers and administrators for creative instructional programs and professional development opportunities.

 Hanover educators have received many professional honors, including:

  • First Virginia school district to receive U.S. Senate Productivity and Quality Award for Continuing          Excellence
  • Virginia's Superintendent of the Year
  • Virginia’s Teacher of the Year
  • Virginia’s Beginning Teacher of the Year
  • Virginia’s Secondary School Principal of the Year
  • National Health Physics Society Teacher of the Year
  • Virginia’s Vocational-Technical Teacher of the Year
  • Virginia’s Counselor of the Year
  • Virginia’s Media Specialist of the Year
  • Virginia’s Biotechnology Educator of the Year
  • Virginia Educational Media Association's Administrator of the Year 
  • Virginia's Soil and Water Conservation Teacher of the Year
  • Virginia's Administration/Supervision Art Teacher of the Year
  • Virginia's Society for Technology in Education Educator of the Year
  • Virginia's Council for Teachers of Mathematics Teacher of the Year
  • Virginia's Association of the Sons of the American Revolution Teacher of the Year
  • National Board Certified Teachers

 Hanover employees are recognized locally via several honors, including:

  •      Individual School and County Teachers of the Year

  •      Individual School and County Beginning Teachers of the Year

  •      Individual School and County Support Employees of the Year

  •      R.E.B. Excellence in Teaching Award

  •      R.E.B. Award for Distinguished Educational Leadership

  •      Distinguished Educators as Named by Graduating Hanover Scholars

  •      Excellence in Educational Leadership Awards

  •      Annual HCPS Celebration of Educational Excellence   

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The Hanover County School Board does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, color, religion, disability or national origin in its employment practices or educational programs and activities. The Director for Special Education is designated as coordinator for non-discrimination for access to and implementation of programs under Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources is designated as coordinator for non-discrimination regarding personnel matters under Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.  To contact Hanover County Public Schools by phone, you may call (804) 365-4500.

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