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Application Process

Hanover County Public Schools accepts applications year round. To see a list of positions available and to complete an application, please click here.

Note: some of the positions listed on this page are not current vacancies, but applications are accepted to build a pool of applicants. This application may be used for all teacher, administrator, substitute teacher, or support staff positions.  When completing the application, candidates may click SAVE AND CONTINUE at any point and return to the online application later by using their chosen username and password, though the information is actually submitted each time a page is completed.  Should candidates need to return to the application data for updates of any kind, they may log on to the system, make appropriate changes, and click SAVE AND CONTINUE.  The online system may be idle for up to 45 minutes before it will close the application.  While the data is sent with the completion of each page, a summary of the application data will be available for applicants to print and keep for their own records and will serve as acknowledgement of the application to HCPS. 

It is important to note that at the end of the application you will be asked to acknowledge the terms of the application and indicate  that all data entered is true and accurate.  Therefore, please include all information in the data fields provided, instead of a "See resume" statement.  When you have reached the end of the application you will be asked if you wish to complete a different type of application or finish your application and log out.  At that point you will know that your application is indeed complete.

Application Tips

Print a copy of your application and be sure you have completed all sections, even if this information is included on your resume.

Make sure that the box accepting the terms of the application is checked at the end of the application. 

Be sure that your work experience is listed both inside and outside of the educational field and that the dates are accurate. 

Be very clear regarding if you have a teaching license, in what area (s) of endorsement as written or to be written on your license, or what your progress is toward a teaching license, such expected date of completion.

Remember that the information on the application is used to screen for interviews and make important employment decisions.  If you are unsure about the data you submit, use the comment section to explain--don't guess.  By acknowledging the terms at the end of the application you are verifying the accuracy of the information.  Falsification of the application is grounds for immediate termination. 

*Remember to keep your application data up to date using your user name and password to access the document.

Once the application is completed in its entirety, applicants should mail or email supporting documents to Hanover County Public Schools to the attention of:  

     Ms. Joni Shelton                        Elementary and information technology positions
     Mrs. Kenya Jackson                    Middle and high school teaching positions and administrators
     Mrs. Stacie Johnson                   Special education staff, maintenance, custodians and transportation positions
     Mrs. Jan Baker                           Clerical staff, school nurses, and food service positions
     Mrs. Jane Gillette                       Substitute teachers, substitute nurses, substitute instructional assistants
     Ms. Jennifer Rodriguez               Coaches


Other documents needed to complete the teacher or administrative application include:
1.  University placement file, if applicable.
2.  Three narrative letters of reference from those most familiar with your relevant and recent job performance.  For candidates with teaching experience, at least one letter should be from the principal. 
3.  College transcripts (unofficial will suffice unless hired when official transcripts are required for unlicensed teachers)
4.  Praxis Exams Scores. Virginia currently requires the following scores for teachers to be considered highly qualified if they are applying for initial licensure:
                        Virginia Literacy and Communication Assessment (VCLA)
                        Praxis II --Cut scores will vary depending upon each specialty area test.

                        SLLA - for school administrators

5.  Teachers applying for initial license with endorsement in elementary education, special education, or reading specialist must also take the Reading for Virginia Educators.  Effective July 1, 2006, the cut score for elementary and special education teachers is 235 and the cut score for reading specialist is 245.  The RVE website provides general information about the test, but registration forms are available only in the printed registration bulletin. 
6.  Virginia Teaching License or license from another state. (Click here to go to Virginia Department of Education's Division of Teacher Licensure.) For candidates who hold a provisional license, please provide the license and the attachment from VDOE indicating what requirements are lacking for the renewable license.

*The documents listed above are scanned to accompany the applicant's computer file.  All but official transcripts will then be destroyed. Application information is active for one year, then held as inactive for three years and available for reactivation. Portfolios, CD's, and other information are best brought to interview sessions and are not kept in the application file.

Applications are considered active until October when any applications that have not been originated or updated since July 1 will be moved to inactive status.  The applications and scanned support documents will remain in tact for two more years until they are deleted.

To reactivate a previous  application, log on to the NEOGOV online application using the chosen username and password and update any information.  If the username and password are no longer known, please contact the NEOGOV Customer Success Team requesting that your login and password be reset.  An updated resume, reference letter, or other information that will indicate the most recent credentials and experience is strongly encouraged. 

To begin completion of our online application, click
here, locate the position and click "apply." 

Support staff positions include instructional assistants (aides), school nurses, food service assistants, custodians, technology services technicians, maintenance personnel, secretaries, bus and car drivers, fiscal technicians, etc. 
  Other documents needed to complete a support staff application include
1.  Three reference forms or letters from individuals familiar with the applicant's performance, especially supervisors.  ( Letters should address:   dates of employment, relationship to employee, employee's attendance, duties, job performance, and attitude with others.)  Click here for support staff reference form.  (Three are needed.)
2.  Resumes are encouraged.

To begin completion of our online application, click
here , locate the position and click "apply."

Additional Information

  • All applications will be screened for on-site interviews as vacancies are anticipated.

  • Hanover County Pubic Schools gives employment priorities to teacher applicants with current teaching licenses in the areas for which they are endorsed. Candidates who are seeking provisional licenses may be qualified if they have passed Praxis I and II and hold a bachelor's degree with a major in a corresponding school subject area or endorsement area

  • Applications remain active until October when any applications which have not been originated or updated since July 1, will be moved to inactive status.  Inactive applications are held with data and scanned support documents for two more years until they are deleted.  To reactivate an application during this time period, please use the chosen login and password at the time of application and update any additional information or credential.  It is strongly suggested that applicants provide at least one updated reference letter.  Applications are considered complete once support documents are received and can be scanned in our office to be placed with the online application.

  • Please know that once selected for a position, fingerprinting is a requirement for employment.

Interview Process
Completed applications are reviewed and screened by the human resources administrators in anticipation of  vacancies.  Candidates who are then selected will be contacted for interviews.  Typically an interview is a screening process to learn more about the applicants seeking employment within Hanover County Public Schools.  At the same time, it is the opportunity for a prospective employee to learn more about Hanover County Public Schools.  

      Following the screening interview in human resources, candidates may be asked to interview with a principal where a vacancy or possible vacancy exists.

     An effective interview is one of the most important aspects of the employment process.  In a 30-45 minute interview, an applicant's personality, educational background, and work experience are assessed.  It is usually the most decisive part of a campaign for an employment opportunity. Qualities to be assessed in the interview include:  personality, articulation, alertness, knowledge, enthusiasm, maturity, motivation, compatibility, preparation, and ability to relate to students.

Positive Interview Tips

  • Approach the interview with a positive attitude and sincere interest in education.

  • Pay attention to your appearance.  Dress professionally.

  • Arrive a few minutes early for the interview.

  • Be friendly, try to be relaxed, and be yourself.

  • Allow the interviewer to initiate and guide the topics of conversation.

  • Respond to questions with more than a yes or no answer.  Share examples from your experiences to illustrate your opinions. Be careful not to ramble.

  • Share your accomplishments as they relate to the conversation.

  • Emphasize your special skills and interests.

Employment Decisions

     The decision to employ a prospective teacher is a joint decision among the human resources staff, principal, and possibly a representative from instructional leadership.  Individuals selected to fill positions are notified and given a reasonable length of time to make their decisions regarding acceptance.  Candidates are welcome to periodically a leave message in the human resources office expressing continued interest and availability. 


The NEOGOV application is needed for individuals who wish to serve as substitute teacher, homebound instructors, or those non-employees who have been selected to coach athletics.  Click here to obtain the appropriate forms and for additional information.  Note, it may take approximately one month for the application to receive school board approval, depending upon when the application is complete in relation to the date of the next board meeting, typically the second week of the month.  A half-day orientation is required following board approval.

Support documents should be mailed as they become available to:
                                    Hanover County Public Schools
                                    Human Resources Department
                                    200 Berkley Street
                                    Ashland, VA 23005

                                    Phone:  (804) 365-4585
                                    Fax:   (804) 365-4660
    (Caution--faxed copies can be difficult to read.)


The Hanover County School Board does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, color, religion, disability or national origin in its employment practices or educational programs and activities. The Director for Special Education is designated as coordinator for non-discrimination for access to and implementation of programs under Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources is designated as coordinator for non-discrimination regarding personnel matters under Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.  To contact Hanover County Public Schools by phone, you may call (804) 365-4500.

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