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ALLEN, KARLA          Coordinator - Counseling Services
AMMONS, ROBERT Senior Programmer Analyst
ANDERSON, LINDA Senior Programmer Analyst
ANNA, KARA          Medicaid Account Specialist
ARCO, DEBBIE Director - Curriculum and Instruction
BAKER, JANET Coordinator - Human Resources
BAKER, MANDY Assistant Superintendent - Human Resources
BARHAM, MADELINE Accounting Specialist
BATES, KAREN Senior Help Desk Technician
Battiata, LORIE Network Technician
BECK, HERB Supervisor - Network Services
BENCKERT, KATHY Reading Recovery - Title I Teacher
BERRYMAN, NANCY Benefits Manager
BEY, WILLIAM Custodial Specialist
BOND, BARRY Enterprise Network Systems Engineer
BROWN, DIANE Director - Special Education
BROWN, KATHLEEN Executive Administrative Assistant/Clerk of the School Board
BURK, SCOTT Network Technician
BUZZELLI, ED Director - Facilities
CAPALDO, BRIAN Coordinator, TV Programming and Production
CAUSEY, HEATHER ITRT Online Learning Developer
CLARK, LINDA Administrative Assistant I - Special Education
CRANK, WAYNE Audio Visual Maintenance Specialist
DAVIS, SHERRY Network Technician
DISHAROON, NANCY Director - Accreditation and Accountability
DREMOVA, ELENA Licensure Specialist
DYE, KIM Curriculum Specialist - Science
EADS, MEREDITH              Lead Teacher Specialist - Elementary Special Education
EBY, HANNA Family Engagement - Health & Safety Assistant
FARNSWORTH, MELLANIE Office Assistant I - Human Resources
FIX, TINA HR Records Specialist, Compliance Officer
FLOWE, BARRY Curriculum Specialist - Performing Arts
FOREMAN, CONNIE Coordinator - Gifted & Talented Services
GARDNER-COOK, MARTHA Food Services Specialist
GILL, MICHAEL Superintendent of Schools
GLASCO, CAMERON Federal Account Specialist - Title I
GODBOLT, BETH Administrative Assistant II - Hanover Education Foundation
GOODMAN, THERESA Data Center Operator
GREIF, JENNIFER Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Leadership
GRESHAM, DANA Director - Federal Programs & Leadership
GRESSETT, ERIN Administrative Assistant II - Human Resources
HANCOCK-HENLEY, BARBARA Coordinator - Career & Technical Education
HANKS, JAMIE Senior Teacher - CSA Case Manager
HARNOIS, RACHEL Bookkeeping Assistant - Food Services
HAZELGROVE, BRENDA Administrative Assistant II - Human Resources
HECHLER, TERRI Director - Technology Services
HICKS, KRISTA Senior Help Desk Technician
HILL, DEBBIE Administrative Assistant II - Elementary/Secondary Education
HILL, MARGARET Business Partnership Specialist
HOCKMAN, SARAH IART Instructional Assessment Resource
HUCKSTEP, ANN Senior Administrative Assistant I - Instructional Leadership
HUFF, ERIC Financial Systems Specialist
IRELAND, DEBRA        Administrative Assistant II - Human Resources
JACKSON, KENYA Assistant Director - Human Resources
JOHNSON, STACIE Coordinator - Human Resources
KAHL, ALLISON Instructional Assessment Resource - Federal Programs
KATES, MICHELE Technology Project Specialist - Student Information
LANDRUM, ANTHONY Senior Programmer Analyst
LEONARD, SUZY Family Services Specialist
LEVINE, JOEL Network Systems Engineer
LITTLE, MICHELE Compensation & Compliance Officer - Human Resources
LOOMIS, CATHY Data Management Specialist
LUNDQUIST, ANN Administrative Assistant II - Accountability
MALTBY, BRIAN Discipline Hearing Review Officer
MATTHEWS, LAURA Student Support Services Specialist
McDANIEL, AMANDA Communications Specialist
McGRAW, DENYSE Information Systems Specialist
MILLER, PATRICIA Director - Elementary Education
MOHRMAN, GIGI Education and Mental Program Specialist
O'BRIEN, DENNIS Enterprise Systems Engineer
PARSLEY, MARK Technology Project Specialist
PATTERSON, TAMMY Administrative Assistant II - Technology Services
PETERSON, LAURA Coordinator/Dietitian - Food Services
PONTYNEN, SARAH Administrative Assistant II - Curriculum & Instruction
PRICE, LINDA Senior Programmer Analyst
PURYEAR JR., JAMES Network Technician 
QUINN, MICHELLE Administrative Assistant II - Hanover Preschool Initiative
REGENSBURG, ERICA CSA Assistant Case Manager
ROBINSON, SABRINA Senior Administrative Assistant I - Business & Operations
RODRIGUEZ, JENNIFER Senior Administrative Assistant I - Human Resources
SHELTON, JONI Director - Human Resources
SHENK, IAN Curriculum Specialist - Mathematics
SIX, AMANDA Director - Budget & Financial Reporting

Curriculum Specialist - English/Reading/Language Arts
SMALARA, FRANK Supervisor - Information Services
STACKPOLE, JENNIFER Curriculum Specialist - Art
STALEY, ROBERT Director - Secondary Education
STOCKHAUSEN, KATIE Coordinator - Federal Programs
STOCKMAN, STEPHANIE Curriculum Specialist - World Languages & ESL
STONE, TERRY Assistant Superintendent of Business & Operations
TATE, JULIE Curriculum Specialist - Media Services
THOMPSON, AMY Coordinator - Professional Development
TROTT, JOHN Curriculum Specialist - Health, P.E. & Driver's Ed.
VAUGHAN, TOM Director - Custodial Services 
WALDRON, SHELLIE         Coordinator - Special Education 
WALTHALL, MARGIE Assessment Specialist
WHITLEY, CHRIS Public Information Officer
WHITNEY, DANA Director - Food Services
WILKEN, KRISTEN Coordinator - Elementary Special Education

Curriculum Specialist - Social Studies
WOODY, TERRY Coordinator - Health Services
YOHO, SHERRI Administrative Assistant II - Special Education
ZIEGLER, LAURAN Assistant Director - Special Education

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