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Welcome to the South Anna Elementary School Counseling Department website!


The mission of the South Anna Elementary school counseling department is to foster the academic, career, and social/emotional development of all students by providing a comprehensive school counseling program.  School counselors employ innovative and varied approaches to address students’ diverse needs, interests, and abilities through school-wide programs, core curriculum lessons, small group counseling, and individual interventions.  The South Anna school counselors regularly evaluate these programs, lessons, and interventions to provide relevant and effective services to students and their families.  In seeking to provide the strongest possible support, the school counselors collaborate closely with families, school staff, and community stakeholders to champion equity and opportunity for all students..








Good Citizenship

      The Good Citizenship program is part of South Anna’s Positive Behavior Interventions and Support program and promotes character education.  Each nine weeks, the students are introduced to and taught a specific character trait through morning announcements and class discussions.  At the end of each nine weeks, the classroom teachers choose two students who they believe exemplify this character trait and these students are honored at the Good Citizenship Assembly.  This year will be highlighting the following character traits:

Respect- treating others as you would like to be treated, using good manners, using kind words, treating others' property with the same care as your own

Responsibility-  being a dependable and reliable person that is committed to following through on their obligations.

Perseverance-continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties.

Cooperation - working together to achieve a common goal.


Student Leadership Program 

       The Student Leadership Team is comprised of 4th and 5th grade students who hold various leadership roles around the school.  These include Library and Art Helpers, Lunch Buddies, Pen Pals and Special Education Buddies, Morning Announcers and Recycling Helpers. 





 Our Mission:  Hanover County School Counselors provide all students educational services, in collaboration with parents, school and the community, that foster
                       academic, career and social/emotional growth toward lifelong success and effective, responsible citizenship for a diverse and changing world.