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Counseling Services

Counseling services are offered to all students both individually and in groups.  These services are designed to address the academic, social, emotional, and developmental needs of students.

Individual Counseling
Call us at 365-4705 to discuss your concerns.  If it seems appropriate, we can schedule a time each week when your child can meet with me for individual counseling.  We typically provide 4-6 weeks of counseling sessions. 

Group Counseling
The benefit of group counseling is that it provides an opportunity for children to meet other children who are experiencing concerns similar to their own.  Sometimes, just knowing that they are not alone means a lot. 

  Counseling Groups Being Offered
  We offer group counseling sessions that are open to all students on particular grade levels.  When a
  group is being offered on your child's grade level, you will receive a permission slip in Tuesday folders.

Mrs. Cray will have lunch with 5 kindergartners and and Mrs. Beatley will have lunch with 5 first graders each week.  During our lunches, students will play games that allow them the chance to practice sharing and following directions.  By the end of the year, we will have eaten lunch with all kindergartners and first graders.


Counselors coordinate a variety of special programs within their schools.  These may include registration, peer helper and conflict mediation programs, long-term educational program planning, and guiding students in their prospective career choices and other decision-making for the future.


An important part of the school counselor's role is consultation.  Counselors may consult with parents, faculty, other school staff, and community agencies in order to best meet the individual needs of all students.

Classroom Guidance:
Counselors conduct a variety of classroom guidance lessons throughout the year in order to provide students with information relevant to their needs or concerns. 

  Classroom Guidance Topics
Academic Skills
  Problem Solving and Bully Refusal Skills
  Career Awareness
  Test Taking Skills (Grades 3-5 only)





 Our Mission:  Hanover County School Counselors provide all students educational services, in collaboration with parents, school and the community, that foster
                       academic, career and social/emotional growth toward lifelong success and effective, responsible citizenship for a diverse and changing world.