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Colleges and universities may use one of the following types of admissions:  rolling admissions, regular admissions, early decision, early action, and deferred admission.  It is important as you begin planning your calendar for the admissions process to know the type of admissions and the dates for each application.

Rolling Admissions:   A college using rolling admissions does not set a due date for applications.  Rather, the admissions office reviews an applicantís folder once it is complete.  If the applicant meets the set criteria for admission, the student is offered admission to the college.  It is advisable to apply early to schools that use a rolling admissions policy.

Regular Admissions:    A college using  regular admissions sets a date by which all applications must be filed.  After consideration is given to all the applications, decisions are mailed to the applicants.

Early Decision:    Many colleges offer an early decision plan as a means of attracting top-notch students.  A student applying for early decision should have three qualifications:

  •  at least a B+ average,

  •  SATís of at least 1200, and

  • the certainty that this is the college of the studentís choice.

If a student is accepted under an early decision plan, the student is committed to attend.  The early decision plans of colleges vary in their regulations.  If considering this type of admission, review the conditions very carefully.

Early Action:    Students receive a decision earlier than the standard response date but are not required to enroll or make a deposit prior to May 1.

Deferred Admission:    Students are permitted to postpone enrollment, usually for one year, after acceptance to the college.








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