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Based on MLA Style, 7th Edition
books / encyclopedias / magazines & newspapers
other online sources / other sources
/ non-print sources

   One Author
   Truman, Margaret. Harry S. Truman. New York: William Morrow
        and Company, 1973

   Two or Three Authors
   Agee, James, and Walker Evans. Let Us Now Praise Famous Men.
        Boston:  Houghton Mifflin, 1941.

   Four or More Authors
   Friedhoffer, Robert, et al. Sound. New York:  Franklin Watts, 1992.

   Ervin, Janet Halliday, ed. The White House Cookbook.  Chicago:  Follett
        Publishing, 1964.

   Single or Multivolume Work with Editor
   Stade, George, ed. "De Beauvoir, Simone, 1908-1986."  European Writers.
        Vol. 1. New York:  Charles Scribner's Sons, 1992.

   Single or Multivolume Work with Author
   King, Martin Luther, Jr., "I Have a Dream."  The Annals of America. Vol. 18.
        Chicago:  Encyclopedia Brittannica, 1968.

   Single or Multivolume Work, with Author and Editor
Tocqueville, Alexis de.  "The Trade of Literature."  Democracy in America.
        Ed. Phillips Bradley.  Vol. II. New York: Vintage Books, 1945.



Encyclopedia Article with Author
   Stanley-Baker, Richard. "Japanese Art and Architecture." Academic American
        Encyclopedia. 1997 ed.


Encyclopedia Article without Author
"Milan." Encyclopedia Americana. 1998 ed.


Encyclopedia Article on the Internet
"George Washington." Encyclopedia Americana Online. 1999. Grolier 
        Incorporated.  22 October 1999. <>.

Magazines and Newspapers
   Magazine Article with Author

   Gore, Rick. "Between Monterey Tides." National Geographic February 1990: 
        pp. 2 - 43.  
   Magazine Article with Author

   "In Search of Zviad." Time. 17 January 1994: p. 39. 

   Newspaper Article with Author
   Anderson, Jack. "Inman, Panetta and Looming Battles." Washington Post
        27 December 1963, final ed.: A1+ 
   Newspaper Article without an Author
"Titanic's Brittle Hull May Have Cost Lives." Washington Post 17 September 1993,
        late ed.: B2+ 
Other Online Sources

   World Wide Web
   "Quitting Smoking." 20 July 1999. American Cancer Society. 22 October 1999. 

   Grolier Online
   Benedict, Michael Les. "Reconstruction." Encyclopedia Americana. 2009. Grolier Online.
        24 Mar. 2009 <>. 

   Gale Databases
"Poe turns 200: 1709~2009." American Heritage 59.1 (Spring 2009): 15(1). General
        OneFile. Gale. Chickahominy Middle School Library. 24 Mar. 2009 

Other Sources
   Government Documents
   United States Bureau of the Census. Statistical Abstract of the United States. Washington:

   Nonprint Sources
   Beyer, Donald. Personal interview. 7 December 1993.
   Media (Videotapes, Audio Recordings, etc.)
   Nile, River of Gods. Videocassette. Discover Enterprises Group, 1985.

   Television or Radio Program
   "Introduction of Euro." Narr, Bob Edwards. Morning Edition. National Public Radio. WAMU,
        Washington, D.C. 1 January 1999.