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Teachers: Ms. Sarah Bunnell, Ms. Rachel Goolsby, Ms. Shannon Scott, Mrs. Kerr Smith

Students will be assessed and placed into reading groups based on their reading levels, PALS scores (Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening), and Fundations assessments. These assessments will be used to guide literacy instruction based on your child's individual needs. Children will participate in daily literacy stations that include reading leveled stories, guided writing practice, technology use, and hands-on activities to promote literacy.

Fundations is a county-wide Phonics program that was adopted by Hanover County in 2011. Your child will participate in daily Fundations activities. Fundations will assist in the “how” and “why” of letters and words.  You will receive a weekly packet to assist and support your child with Fundations lessons being taught in the classroom.

Your child will learn what it means to be a writer and start to develop beginning writing skills through guided and independent practice as well as Writer’s Workshop.

We follow a county-wide pacing guide based on the SOLs. We have a math series that we sometimes use as well as other teacher generated materials. We use manipulatives and games to assist in teaching a math concept. Children are assessed weekly to insure instruction at the proper level.

Units Covered in Math:
*Sorting, Classifying, Position, Location
*Numbers Zero to Ten
*Comparing Numbers
*Fractions & Ordinals
*Length & Weight
*Addition & Subtraction
*Larger Numbers



Science & Social Studies
Science & Social Studies concepts are introduced and discussed during calendar time. These concepts determine our weekly themes in Kindergarten. A variety of activities are completed each week to support the ideas associated with each theme.

 Units Covered in Science:
*The Life Cycle of the Apple
*The Five Senses
*Sink & Float
*The Life Cycle of the Pumpkin
*The Four Seasons
*The Life Cycle of the Egg
*Living vs. Non-Living

 Units Covered in Social Studies:
*Citizenship, Rules, Friendship
*Community Helpers
*Christopher Columbus
*The First Thanksgiving
*Holidays Around the World
*Needs & Wants
*Martin Luther King Jr.
*President’s Day





Special Activities:
In the Fall we will take a field trip to the Hanover Vegetable Farm.
In the Spring we will take a trip to the Metro Richmond Zoo.



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