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 Fourth Grade

Teachers: Mrs. Robin Andrews, Mrs. Erin Krebbs, Mrs. Tracy Lawlor, Mrs. Michele Moore
All students participate in guided reading groups during our literacy block. Students will read a variety of both fiction and nonfiction resources as part of reading instruction. Examples include leveled chapter books, reading textbooks, historical fiction that correlates with Virginia Studies, Scholastic News magazines, Virginia Weekly Studies newspapers and more.
Additionally, all students are highly encouraged to participate in Reading Olympics.

Students will participate in the Vocabulary Surge program to develop a larger personal and reading vocabulary and also to support and extend on spelling instruction from previous grades. Lessons will focus on the following concepts:
* inflected endings
* root words
* prefixes
* suffixes

Students will write short pieces on a variety of fiction and nonfiction topics. Instruction will guide students through the steps of the Writing Process using both teacher-selected prompts and self-selected topics.

Students will build upon previously taught concepts in addition to developing understanding of newly introduced concepts. Using math textbooks, manipulatives, and number talks, students will learn how to represent and communicate thinking and strategies used to solve problems.
It is very important that students have a strong knowledge of multiplication facts at the beginning of the year as they will be used in most units of study.

Students will learn the following concepts:
* place value of whole numbers
* place value of decimals
* graphing
* estimation and computation of whole numbers
* estimation and computation of decimals
* estimation and computation of fractions
* measurement (Standard and Metric)
* elapsed time
* probability
* patterns
* problem-solving (single and multi-step)

Students will learn about the following topics:
* electricity
* weather
* plants
* space
* ecosystems
* force and motion
* Virginia's natural resources

Social Studies
Students will focus on geography and history topics specifically related to Virginia. They will use a variety of resources, including textbooks, websites, and Virginia Studies Weekly newspapers, to locate information, read, and discuss concepts. 


SOL Testing
SOL tests are administered in the spring. Fourth grade students will take tests in Reading, Math and Virginia Studies.
  Special Activities
*Fourth grade travels to Jamestown and Yorktown for field trips this year. Here students are able to relive the history that we are learning in class.

*We will participate in lessons at the Math Science Innovation Center.

*Fourth grade students participate in the SODA program, where students from Lee-Davis High School visit for 1-hour lessons and lunch visits throughout the year.



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