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Physical Education


Julie Hudnall, Physical Education Specialist

This year, students in kindergarten through fifth grades meet for classes with the physical education specialist once a week.

Physical education is an important part of each student's development and well-being. The physical education program strives to expose students to a variety of activities that promote personal wellness, fun, body management, and educational game skills.

Students are taught benefits of regular exercise and activity. These benefits include cardio respiratory endurance, muscle strength, and the opportunities to interact with others in game situations.

The goals are for students to enjoy moving, to be successful in skill learning, and to develop a positive self-concept as they learn and move.

Special Activities include:

  • School-wide field day in the spring

  • American Heart Association's Jump Rope for Heart in mid-February for Kindergarten through 5th grades

  • After school fitness club in the spring



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