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Atlee High School
2017-2018 EARLY DISMISSAL 1:30PM School Bell Schedule (Revised 8/29/2017)

PERIODS Early Release 1:30PM Bell Schedule
A1/B1 8:30AM - 9:35AM
A2/B2 9:40AM - 10:45AM
10:50AM - 12:25PM
Lunch Schedule (During A3/B3 Block)*
1st Lunch 10:45AM - 11:10AM
2nd Lunch 11:20AM - 11:45AM
3rd Lunch 12:00PM - 12:25PM
12:30PM - 1:30PM
*Lunch Assignment According to your 3rd Block Teacher
(Modified Friday Flex select here)
(2 HOUR DELAY select here)

* The 8:30am bus departs as usual.

* Students who normally catch the 11:40 bus to Hanover High will depart at 10:20. The lunch line will open at 10:00 to accommodate any students who purchase lunch.

* Students who normally catch the 11:55 bus to The Hanover Center for Trades and Technology will depart at 10:50. 1st lunch begins at 10:30 for those purchasing lunch.

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