School Attendance Boundary for Elmont Elementary School


The school attendance boundary for Elmont Elementary School shall include all the streets and subdivisions within the following area:


Beginning at the Sliding Hill Road/Interstate 95 intersection the boundary line shall follow Sliding Hill Road northeast to Ashcake Road, turn northwest following Ashcake Road to the Ashcake, Blanton, Greenwood Church and Ashland Roads intersection. The boundary line shall proceed west/southwest following Ashland Road to Cauthorne Road, turn south and follow Cauthorne Road to the Chickahominy River, Hanover/Henrico County border. The boundary line shall follow the Chickahominy River, Hanover/Henrico County border to Interstate 95 and turn north following Interstate 95 to Sliding Hill Road.



*Note: In some instances, residents living along district boundary lines may be required to attend a particular school due to the limitations of the transportation system.